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Switching off..

I think we all have different levels of 'switching off' I can't say I ever really get to switch off as running your own business means that unless someone else takes over every job you do then you will always have little chores to do whenever and wherever you are - other side of the world or not.

That said there are so many other factors of 'on' in my life that even if I still need to contribute to magazines, be contactable for business decisions  or just deal with the difficult customer service issues I can adequately switch off and get a decent recharge just by not doing it all.

What do I mean?

working late into the night
staying home instead of going out with the family for a walk on the weekend
never taking a short holiday with the family (in 3 years!)
not making time lie in a hammock and read a book (in 5 years!)
hoovering the house daily
having my phone with me constantly
skipping the gym because work needed me more

I could go on but in the last 3 years I have been guilty of all those things and when we went on holiday I nearly slept through most of it because my body finally got enough time out to switch off and in doing so it collapsed.

From now on I will still work loads, like loads and loads but I will also walk away from the housework, leave my phone in the car sometimes on purpose and choose the gym not the emails.

I owe it to me, my body, my family and my friends to switch off once in a while. It can only make me a better human and truly where the hell is it going to get DTLL or TCL if I drop down from a nervous breakdown!

Do you switch off? Have I at least reminded you that you should? Please do even if you don't work.. Parental 'on' time is just as full on :)


  1. I hear ya! I do switch off but I'm trying to sleep more, spend less time at the computer and more time with the hubster at the weekend, read more books, step away from my phone and take more holidays! Thanks for the reminder x

  2. You know how I feel about this. Brunch with you last week was the best tonic ever for me xx


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