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When it doesn't need to be permanent..

Fashions change, trends come and go and our decor desirables shift so what do we do when we want to make a statement on the walls but don't want to regret it later or spend a fortune in the process?

Decals baby!!.. decals used to only be for nurseries and they were limited designs in very primary or limited colours. Now?! The choices are endless. As I personally like my purchases to last a decent amount of time I like to find pieces to suit kids and adults alike so here are my picks for you and your little ones.

If you are looking for artwork or repeating pattern designs you can buy the crosses here, the ocean beach view decal here, those pretty feathers here and the polka dots here

For some inspirational quotes we have the 'lovely' banner from here, the 'be kind' from here (I have this on my kids wall), the 'heart happy' here and the person that possibly started it all has this chalkboard and so many more here 

If you were thinking wallpaper you can even do that and it be removable from here as seen below.

I have decals in 4 out of the 7 rooms in my house.. my only issue is I have not got fed up of any of them so the removable part has become irrelevant!. 

Have you played with decals? What style did you try? 

*This previously appeared on LifeInstyle as written by me 


  1. I really must get some- I need to make my house much prettier and this looks like an affordable solution

  2. I love art that has come from the heart and when we view this it's like we have had the privilege of seeing inside the artists soul

  3. I have read your article. it is very informative and helpful for me.I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. Thanks for posting it..


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