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Life Lately

: I have been soaking up the last of the Summer with lots of visits to the beach

: We did our first family fun run, The Colour Run.. such a good laugh, a massive dance party at the end and a fab way to get our small people into the spirit of competition

: We lost Grandma so Marcus made her famous fruit cake (it was amazeballs) and we raised a glass in her memory

: The trade shows have kept me busy and LifeInstyle did not fail to deliver as always.. AND I got to catch up with one of my favourite DTLL Sellers Lisa.. gorgeous inside and out that beauty!!

: I have been looking for a new Office.. we have a few Creative things bubbling on the workshop front and a collab for small business in mind too :)

: The Cult List has been going gangbusters and this jacket is from our TCL #luxeleathers range. It is soft and light so goes with anything. I lurve it xox

What have you been up too?


  1. Sorry to hear about Grandma, but man, her cake looks epic! How fun is the Colour Run? You look so hot in that pic that you nearly melted my screen! Happy Office Hunting! x

  2. My bubba loves playing 'chase my feet'...we crawl around trying to tag each others toes. He thinks it's hilarious. I love seeing his face light up with pure delight. Precious.

  3. You are rocking that jacket gorgeous! I adored meeting you Tessa - you have such a beautiful heart and your kindness and passion for others and your business really shows. You are a true gem, never change! love you big xxoo

  4. Aw shucks, I am glad it comes through as I do love what I do even on the crappy days.. well...

  5. Colour Run was awesome and OMG that fruit cake.. I will send you the recipe Sammie as I am not a fruit cake fan but holy moly!!

  6. We love playing 'kiss on the neck' making many giggles as I tickle his neck with kisses! A special game my mum played with me!

  7. I love playing "Round and 'round the garden" and watching my bub smile as she knows I'm about to tickle her.

  8. I'm very sorry to hear about Grandma, I lost mine in November and have been honouring her with her crumbed chicken :)
    The colour run looks like such good fun.


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