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The Afterlife..

Whether you believe or not when I came across this idea by the Italians of creating a sacred forest from our beloved past family member instead of a graveyard I was in love with the idea..

I can just get all pixie like and see my families spirits flittering around the trees at night in a magical wonderland.. even the way they bury them, back in that gorgeous foetal position in a cocoon seems so peaceful..

You get to choose your tree and then instead of visiting a headstone we can come and watch a beautiful tree grow with the younger generation and have their spirit live on in a piece of nature.

I had no idea that these green burial ideas have been around for a while and I just adore it.. I can't find the same in Australia but would love to stand corrected if anyone does..

Do you love it or is it all to creepy to even chat about that time of life?


  1. That is the best idea ever! You little cracker! xx

  2. I'm such a control freak, I love talking about it. I'd like one last hurrah to get what I wanted! I think this is such a beautiful idea... But with just me and the hubster, our wood would be a bit bare!

  3. I have to admit the whole thing creeps me out a little. It is beautiful yes.. but creepy too lol xx

  4. I think it is beautiful. Far more special than a gold plaque in a wall or a slab of concrete. I guess it's a little creepy but I think it is healthy to talk about death.
    I love your imagery of the pixie forest :)

  5. Totally Nicole.. and I just like the idea of spirits living somewhere pretty :)

  6. Thats the joy though huh? You get to cosy up with other nature lovers :)

  7. Yep, I suppose with having just lost Grandma it made me think how much she would have loved that x


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