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Life Lately....

I can't tell you what a whirlwind life has been of late.

My hubby has been travelling a lot, the kids have taken on 3 new sports and with two sets of decent homework per week along side DTLL and The Cult List I am truly an idiot for starting two new businesses.

The Cult List is fab but Kate and I are going a little crazy trying to keep up with demand for orders #thirdworldproblems huh?! So we are ensuring next month we get to do a serious session with our tailor and not only get a good number of #partypockets made but some patterns underway for new designs..

I can't tell you what they are yet but it won't be long and I will be happy to share.. the logos and brand names are done, I am just being approved on a lease for premises (below)..  between now and then I will get the websites live and THEN I can unveil.

We celebrated Harringtons B Day at the Reptile Park.. only 2 months late.. did I say I had been busy?

Amongst all that has been presentations by me to others and others to me.. I adored the opening of the Catamini Store in Mosman the kids went a bit nuts for the lollies but the clothes are so amazing, there is something about the way European Brands get the detailing memo.

Lastly of course we attacked The Easter Show which I wrote about last week..

This week is all about the school holidays so we are going to see Home today.. think it is called that and sorta winging it from there with me mixing playdates with cuddles on the sofa in between work and play (my play is gym and dog walking).

What have you got planned for the hols?
Have you heard of Catamini?
Anyone wanna lend me their brain/body for a few weeks? 

Our first Easter Show en famille...

We had not done the Easter Show with kids until last weekend. I went with Marcus years back but so far that all I can remember was gagging at the thought of cheese on a stick and how fast those woodchoppers were!

This year with the kids at 6 & & years I thought it would be fun to try it for the first time. I knew they would still not be old enough to walk ALL day long so I used the app to star my must do activities and then beelined them in order of preference once we arrived.

We hit the carnival rides to start.. we figured that firstly they would get busier as the day went on and we would also not hear the end of it until the kids had been given a little adrenalin thrill. They are not cheap and there are loads so my advice would be to go to the Kids Carnival first as they are cheaper and unless your kids have a serious dare devil streak they will not know the difference.

My kids are Dinosaur addicts so Dinosaur Ice World was next followed the Farmyard Nursery.. You do need to think about time slots for demos and shows once there so that if certain things are all days events and others certain times you obviously give those priority so you see your favourites.

I really wanted to see the working dogs show to see what my Dex could REALLY do and luckily as everything is reasonably close you can do at least two or three things in the space of an hour..

We had grabbed lunch from the Woolworths Food Hall and took it to where the stage was so we could laugh at the guys being hypnotised and see if we wanted to do the Circus Skills Workshop..
We did and I was too busy plate spinning to take pictures of the kids tightrope walking, juggling and hula hooping.. #badmum #killmeforhavingfun.

We finished with a trials bike Demo and some totally awesome skateboarding action before heading to the Show Bag Hall.

I had again already researched the bags on the app so sort of knew which ones I would allow them to buy and we set them a limit with one licensed style big bag and one small lolly bag which meant we spent $30 each kiddlywink.

We exited via one more ride at the carnival the proceeded to chew sweets and eat chocolate all the way home. It was a fab day and I will go back for sure.. I would love to get the kids to see some judging of livestock next time and to learn a bit more about the farming side of it.

I had heard people say parking is hard yet there are car parks everywhere so not sure why and I had feared the Show Bag part as they say kids go CRAZY.. well yes my kids were a tad over excited but we gave them the choice of two and they were fine with that. 3 days later and they are still playing with the contents and telling everyone at school how fab it was..


Have you been to the Easter Show? got any advice for newbies? Did I do ok?