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As we grow..

I am realising as I grow that I need very little in my life.

I have a beautiful family, I have a husband that is always there for me and I love our home, school and neighbours.

I have a few really close friends I adore like they were siblings, I have a few more not so close but just as fabulous individuals that I love being around and my extended on line buddies are just rocking people that make me smile every day.

I don't have oodles of cash, I very much still have to think about if we can afford things, I work long hours and my birth family and in laws are in the UK so life is not perfect but I really do have all that I need.

I don't need designer items.
I don't need to eat out at fancy restaurants.
I don't need flash cars.
I don't need more than I have....

As we grow I think, I hope, we all realise that happiness is not made up of material items it is made up of quality of life.

Are you happy with what you have? 
Do you want for more?

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