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Five Brothers, Three Continents, One Race.

My husband wrote this post over on his LinkedIn page the other week and rather than tell you about the amazing adventure he has ahead of him I thought I would add his here..

In just under 12 months’ time I will be facing arguably the toughest physical and mental challenge of my life. It’s something that I've been motivated to do for some time but for various reasons, or should I say excuses, have put it off and off and off.

Early this year my beautiful Gran passed away, (fondly known as Granny Cus with her blue rinse bouffant) which was a catalyst for myself and my brother James to re-assess our priorities and we decided to make a firm commitment to this challenge in her memory. With full support from my wife, the challenge was amped and three of our closest friends were invited. These three friends are also my brothers.

In 2016, five brothers, from three continents will come together to race the toughest foot race in the world: the Marathon Des Sable (or simply known as the MDS). The MDS is a grueling, multistage adventure equivalent to five and half marathons in six days. A total distance of some 251 km (156 miles), it runs through a formidable landscape in one of the world’s most inhospitable climates – the Sahara desert. On top of all that, only water and shelter are provided. Everything else the competitors have to carry with them from start to finish.

One of our cultural tenants here at LinkedIn is to take intelligent risks and it is also our main business theme for 2015. The reason why it is an ‘intelligent’ risk and not just risk is that it comes with a formula: Evaluate upside to downside; consider expected outcome relative to cost; and seek balance.
Evaluate upside to downside: Upside: Competing in the toughest foot race on the planet. Downside: Compulsory equipment includes a rescue flare and an anti-venom pump. Need I say more!
Consider expected outcome relative to cost: It is an expensive race both monetary and the investment of time, but the enduring story we five brothers will be able to share, for me is priceless.
Seek Balance: This will be part of my personal journey, to understand balance and what it means to me.

The next 12 months will be a journey of a life time, where individually and as a collective we’ll test our mental resolve, our physical strength and our enduring bond. We will learn how to train together despite the distance and time, look to understand each other’s motivations to help maintain focus and use it as a time to reconnect, to listen and be inspired by to one another’s stories. One thing that won’t be in short supply during the race will be time.

We all have a Sahara Desert to conquer. It might not involve 5 1/2 days of sand running, but every challenge has its own special meaning to each of us. From how we start it and if we start it, to how we prepare for it and ultimately how we face and hopefully conquer it.

Over the next year I’ll be writing a number of articles on my journey and I’d like to invite you along with me and my band of brothers - to become part of our extended support crew.

For now, I will begin by asking you: what is your ‘intelligent risk’ this year?

You can follow my boys journey or give him a thumbs up because he would love that just here 

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