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Happy Anniversary My Love..

There is a reason two people stay together, they give each other something nobody else can 

My husband is not your average bloke.

He is handy around the house, he can capably play Mum when needed, he knows everything about me and still loves me.

Truly if I was forced to find something to moan about it would only be that he works too hard and this leads to far too much sleeping on the weekend.. AND the reason I get grumpy about the sleeping on the weekend is because I am jealous he gets in first so I stay awake in case the kids do something stupid!.

Today is our 18th Year together with 13 of them as a married couple.

We have shared everything from almost day dot, we were living together within a few weeks of dating, renting within a few months and bought our first flat in under a year from first date.

We have grown together and changed each other over the years, we have invested together and built businesses with each others support. Money has been a challenge a few times over but what I have known during all those times is that we would always be ok.

The family unit we are is my absolute ideal and there is no one I can thank for that other than my husband so today I am writing to you Marcus White. Happy Anniversary. I love you x

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