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Life Lately..

Has been very much all work..  My beautiful Cherie has taken extended leave from DTLL for family matters and as I don't hire staff easily or by conventional channels my work load has shifted just a tad.
Not that I am moaning as it is really fun to be back in the social media zone again for work.. its a fun and pretty homely place to inhabit..
On my other work projects Kate and I launched our website for The Cult List  we will still be releasing our collections to those signed up to our list before anyone else but once they have made their orders it will be on the website open to all..

Kitty made a cute as a button necklace whilst we were over at Kate's place for lunch and and she had access to the Uber collections.. it started a new little project in our life. We are opening up a little on line store where she can sell her creations and then give 50% of the profits to charity with 50% for her bank account.. details to come but we will be opening up the offer to other kids also (quality assessed of course)

Other than that I have just been hanging with my kids and working on some new projects for DTLL.. small people grow so fast that I decided to have a term off after school activities so that between work and homework we can actually have some time left over for just hanging out..

What have you been up too? Do you have lots of after school stuff happening?

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