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Look who has joined the DTLL Team

Really I don't need to sling praise at our newest recruit as everyone I know adores her already and she is a perfect person for DTLL.

We sadly had to say Goodbye to Cherie (she will be back next year sometime we hope) as she needs some time to attend to family needs over those of her creative Mumma needs. Cherie was heartbroken, as were we, but her heartbreak was two fold.. leaving the family and also having to hand over her babies. Handing over the communities she hung out in with us and letting someone else be that voice.

I have taken over part of her role but we needed someone new for Instagram as quite frankly I cannot look after any more than the 3 I have and I just opened one for my daughters new little venture too!!

I knew immediately who I wanted to ask but had no idea if they would be interested. I like to keep my team tight and employ people I already know and love as it just makes things smooth. Some might say it is risky but my friendships are not like that. I don't have many but the ones I do are very open and honest.

I had Sonia ring her and do a hypothetical 'Um, if DTLL were looking would you want your name in the ring? sorta, kinda, maybe?'.. this was met with 'OMG I would LOVE that' and some excited chatter so the very next day I asked her and she said 'YES'.

I messaged Cherie and said I have found your replacement but want to see if you approve.. Lets just say she has a big personality, you know her as a massive Insta fan and she is a really rad Mum.

JAYDE she messaged back with huge exclamation marks, a million smiley faces and thumbs up icons. I was happy, she was happy and JAYDE is happy..

JAYDE as in Jayde, wife of amazing Steve, the gorgeous Iggy and Mint and the co owner of Little Paper Lane.

This Jayde..

So if you don't know Jayde already you can find her on our Instagram here  on her personal Insta here   and sometimes in her shop here .

Jayde is a ridiculously community driven person, she adores small business and is passionate about supporting lovely people so we are very honoured to have her join us and excited to have her radness part of our family..

One a side note and because that picture above is very mature.. this is what Sonia, Jayde and I look like out to dinner together ... bad photo, late at night with maybe a little too much champagne but you get the idea :)

Welcome to the team Jayde, its gonna be fun :)

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