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Are you a Collector or Curator?

I am a Curator through and through..

I only want quality and I am willing to put in the time and effort to grow something seriously amazing. If things don't flow regardless of my attention they were never meant to be with me for life..

My mate Thommo is a Collector.

It takes a lot to be a true collector as if you want to maintain quality you need to check in regularly. He has a book that he says every month or so he gets to the ones he wouldn't normally come into contact with more than once a year and ensures he connects.

Collector and Curator of Friends that is..

It is a choice and Thommo says he likes to collect friends. It is easily done for him, he is a bloody funny bugger and he doesn't work so has more time than most to catch up and call his mates.

Me? I think I love my friends too much to have too many of them. It could possibly be that I am super busy so have less time to spread around but at the same time I know many people just as busy that have way more people in their life.. I like to have no secrets with my friends, to know them like my family know me and vice versa.

I know that because I 'curate' I have lost friends along the way that simply didn't feel I was there for them enough and in turn I felt really hurt by the fact they couldn't see I was doing my best and offering them everything I could at that time.

I trust that it is what it is supposed to be. That I will be surrounded by those I need.

The ones I lost I feel nothing for, my original feeling of failure towards them has changed to disappointment in them not me but I do still think about the idea of being a Collector.

Am I missing out?
Are you a Collector or Curator?

Like Seriously

Where have I been!!.. I am not quite sure actually but between setting up DTLL Workshops and going back to the UK for my 4th in line Brother in Laws Wedding I have had about 8 weeks disappear in a cloud of smoke!!

I know I can't fit it all in one blog post so I shall start at the beginning and work my way through..

So I think I shared a while back that Sonia and I had decided to start DTLL Workshops as we felt the Northern Beaches needed it? Maybe it didn't? Well we did..

We started with a little studio space in Mosman which was divine but the minute we even remotely mentioned the idea on social media we realised, thanks to the overwhelming support, that we would need more space.

We then decided lets make it a workshop space AND a creative hub for small business owners lie ourselves.

I searched for larger spaces and it was either stay small or go massive (well massive for us- 280sqm). I am not one to shy away from challenges but we had no use for ALL that space so we had a chat to another best mate and suggested she may want to move in and share the rent.. She said yes and the journey began..

We have gone from this to this...

We made this from this..

We even have this.. RETAIL

I will share the space properly once we have opened on August 1st but for now if you want to find me I am head down bum up prepping for all these ...

What have you been up too? 

You can find me all over the place.. I like to play on Insta the most.. so come say Hi!!