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You need to head to The Wild Collective this weekend!!

Join TV favourites Chantelle Ford from The Block and Alice Zaslavsky from Masterchef as they kick off  Melbourne’s first annual shopping experience in Melbourne this August,

The Wild Collective. The event, founded by established event entrepreneurs Renee Falckh and Amy Cimino is part shopping, part exhibition and all wild.

Masterchef fans can watch Zaslavsky’s live cooking demonstration in the Thermomix kitchen.

Fashion fans will be thrilled to have the opportunity to meet Khloe Kardashian’s favourite illustrator, Melbourne artist Mads Francis, who is regularly commissioned by the celebrity for personal portraits.

Shoppers can kick their heels up and sip on Pommery Champagne in between shopping and events. Parents can join their children in the dedicated Kids Zone to mix up the day.

Foodies are spoilt for choice with luxurious Melbourne dessert fave LuxBite, as well as food trucks such as Round the Way and Billy Van Creamy.

With resident artists, Kelogsloops and Mads Francis signed on as ambassadors, The Wild Collective is backed by an impressive team that are thrilled to be bringing this highly - anticipated event to Melbourne.

Both Amy and Renee are looking forward to bringing the highly curated shopping fair to Melbourne for the very first time.

“With hectic lifestyles, we know all too well that going shopping can sometimes be a chaotic stressful experience due to busy schedules or juggling so much responsibility. The Wild Collective is transforming the retail experience, celebrating creativity in all its forms”

Roam inspiring stalls from leading local and international designers, while on the prowl for the very best in eclectic and handmade fashion, beauty products, handcrafted furniture and homewares, toys, eco - friendly products, art service and so much more.

When is it ? 15-16 August at Royal Exhibition Centre, 9 Nicholson St, Carlton, VIC between 10 and 4pm 


I practice what I preach...

I tell my children that health and fitness is one of the most important things in life.. and now that they are getting to an age that they can understand more about healthy eating I have really started monitoring the days they can have sweet treats and the likes..

I was so proud the other month when Kitty asked if she could go for a run with me.

I was possibly even more chuffed when she asked for training kit for her Birthday.. I practice what I preach and now she is wanting too also :)

Do you exercise with your kids? Can you tell I am a little proud of my mini me? 

One of the weirdest weddings I have been too..

Now that sets it up as if there were mistakes made and it was tragic or odd but t'was not.. t'was magical but rather funny..

So the wedding was in Bath in the UK. My brother in law is 6ft 5 tall with a model girlfriend who matches his height with her heels. They are known for loving the finer things in life and they work hard to be able to have them.

Even on a casual day these two look like rock stars but add in..
they are getting married at Bath Abbey (where not many people are granted the right to get married)..
that they are having their reception on the Royal Crescent where no one but residents can use the top lawn..
that they have a bridal party that includes 30+ immediate family all in full traditional dress..
and lastly that Bath is a tourist town with a huge invasion of people with cameras..

I will cut to the chase.. we were noticed..  we were noticed to the extent a tourist jumped in for a picture to take home and the official photographer could hardly get images outside the abbey thanks to the 10 foot deep crowd of tourists all taking shots for themselves!!

It was odd, it was weird but it was amazing.. so roll on the images..

It was a fabulous day and lovely for our kids to be so involved. They are now old enough to understand what a beautiful thing our family is and how much we all love each other. There were so many emotions as the vows were said and memories came flooding back.. pride, love and joy all wrapped into one tingly sensation..

Have you been to any weddings recently? Do you get emotional at them? 

Making and taking time....

People often ask how I manage to fit in all the things that I do and I have spoken before about how it is relatively easy as long as I schedule it all in.

Scheduling it all in is easy, it is more the staying on top of it and organised that is harder and being on time and not allowing things to over run key.

I was contacted by Jord Wood Watches to see if I would like to trial one of their watches and as I had been coveting a wood watch for a while AND we were interested in stocking some at our new retail shop I jumped at the chance!!

It arrived in stunning packaging and my husband wanted to steal it immediately (note to self I can grab one for him for the next occasion he deserves something nice)

I absolutely love it.. my days are spent rushing around with coffee in hand and my wardrobe is neutrals and organic colours so it looks fab with all my jewellery and stands out with my casual clothes..

One of the main things I do is plan time during the day for work.. I start at a certain time and I set a time to stop for lunch with a magazine etc..

I am 100% looking to stock them in the shop now so would love to know which styles you like best and which you think would be most popular..

Wooden Watches by JORD.. Check 'em out.. and let me know your faves..