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Making and taking time....

People often ask how I manage to fit in all the things that I do and I have spoken before about how it is relatively easy as long as I schedule it all in.

Scheduling it all in is easy, it is more the staying on top of it and organised that is harder and being on time and not allowing things to over run key.

I was contacted by Jord Wood Watches to see if I would like to trial one of their watches and as I had been coveting a wood watch for a while AND we were interested in stocking some at our new retail shop I jumped at the chance!!

It arrived in stunning packaging and my husband wanted to steal it immediately (note to self I can grab one for him for the next occasion he deserves something nice)

I absolutely love it.. my days are spent rushing around with coffee in hand and my wardrobe is neutrals and organic colours so it looks fab with all my jewellery and stands out with my casual clothes..

One of the main things I do is plan time during the day for work.. I start at a certain time and I set a time to stop for lunch with a magazine etc..

I am 100% looking to stock them in the shop now so would love to know which styles you like best and which you think would be most popular..

Wooden Watches by JORD.. Check 'em out.. and let me know your faves..

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