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It just makes me grumpy..

I spoke to Sonia about this the other day and said I felt the need to blog about it as I know we all feel the same and solidarity is a powerful thing but then I feel like such a loser whinging away when quite frankly I have a good life..

Anywho.. here I am. It feels like a weekly scenario and that is because it is..

I work and my husband works
I work from home and he gets on a bus at 7am to return at 7pm (earliest)..

The thing is because he has bosses and I don't I get the bum end of the deal on ALL chores.. take the other day.

We are putting in a pool in our back garden ( I told you life was good - we have been saving for a few years but either way - we are getting  a pool!!). Back to the point..

He leaves at 7 and says 'I am busy all day so can you get the bank cheques for the trades due tomorrow and I will see you after I have been out for a work dinner at about 8.30/9'.

'Oh ok.. I had planned to go to the gym today for an hour but I will cancel that and do the bank' Hmmfph..

7am up
7.15 Laundry Load
7.30 Make Lunch Boxes
8am Speech Therapy Session for youngest
8.45 Drop at School
9am Walk Dexter
10am Food Shop
11am Go to Bank, find it is shut due to renovations drive to another one 15 mins away
Midday Go and source green body paint for 'Book Week' dress up the next day
12.15 Sit in Car to to Social Media for 4 accounts live on Insta and FB
12.30 Pick up TCL Stock for mailing
1pm Race home as remember is bin day and they are not out
1.30pm Package Orders and go to GPO
2pm Meet Plumber for Pool Inspection
2.30 Organise & Deliver school holiday care forms
3pm Go Home and package up DTLL Branding packs for new sellers and post
4pm Start tomorrows Newsletter, Finish 2 Print Ads, Plan Banners for Website and source images
5.30 Collect Kids and Feed Dexter
6pm Feed Kids, Change over Laundry
6.30 Realise I have not eaten more than an apple and cook my own dinner then sit down to write a blog and put together a strategy for Crossroading Client
7.45 Put kids to bed and finish newsletter
9pm Pinterest for the day
9.30 Schedule the next day..

This is my day at least two days a week and in between all of that I am answering press call emails, managing any applications to DTLL, answering customer service on DTLL, TCL and DTLLWS along with managing social media for any Crossroading Clients we are working with..

And do you know what? The only thing that makes me grumpy is when I can't offload at least one of those items somewhere so I can go to the gym for just 30 minutes!!

What make you grumpy? 
Seriously tell me to get back in my box.. moaning I can't get to the gym because I work too much and have a pool going in.. LOSER!! 

When Hooray turned One

I forgot to share this earlier in the year as we were put under embargo until the magazine had been released with the official images in print.

The event was only a few months back now but feels like forever ago.. it was absolutely peeing it down when we arrived and our umbrellas were being blown backwards but we ran inside the Coggee Pavillion and it was like entering another world!.

The world of Hooray, the world of yumminess, happiness and it allowed us to behave like kids and play with the ones attending too..

Jayde had just joined the DTLL Team so it was all 3 DTLL Girls all in one place.. yep we talked trash and ate too much sugar.

Post happiness Sonia and I like saddo fan girls went to the filming location of Wonderland and took a selfie.. seriously like how old are we?

What is the best party you have been too? 
Have you seen the cakes Jaydes Mum makes? She didn't cater for Hooray but she so should have!


So I know you think I am nuts with running too many businesses but truly I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it on some sick sadistic level :)

It is something that comes quite naturally. I created DTLL from the ground up with no help on the day to day running and no budget so I know what works and what doesn't.

I have tried and tested so many platforms and avenues that I don't waste time with any that are not worthwhile a second time around and I am an absolute freak at prioritising as without keeping everything on schedule I would have drowned a long time ago.

If I had a dollar for every email I got from someone who knows me via a mate of a mate who's sister down the road said they could email to ask if they could pick my brain about starting an on line business, how to do marketing, social media, get as much PR as DTLL, find pattern cutters, where to produce clothes blah, blah, blah.. I would never need to work again.

Much as I adore to help, I do need to work about 10 hrs a day to keep DTLL running so over a brainstorming lunch with Kate and Sonia one day we were chatting and essentially all saying the same thing. They get the same requests as I do.

Kate and I have found in the last couple of years, since starting to work together between The Cult List and then having DTLL and Uberkate with Sonia as our right hand girl on both platforms, that basically between the 3 of us there was never a problem or question we couldn't answer. There wasn't anything to do with building or running the business that one of us is not skilled in how to do or create and quite frankly (blowing our own trumpet) as a trio we are the total package.

SOOO it only seemed right once we had moved in to the same working space that we create yet ANOTHER business. One that used our talents and meant we could continue actually offer help to those emails we get but make a wage from doing so and offer them some serious value for money with insider secrets of how to do it right, quickly and well..

We have called it Crossroading.

CROSSROADING : to meet at a cross roads and have many directions to take….

Kate, Sonia and I are passionate about helping people bring their dreams to reality.

We know how much some businesses charge for things that just do not need to be that expensive. We approach our all our clients with the want to teach them how to do it all themselves so that they don't need to be paying us or anyone else to do it in the future.

It empowers them and enables them to spend their budget in other areas that are a better return on investment.

We offered our services to our first client less than a month ago and already have 4 more on the books so it appears we are delivering the goods as each and every one was as a result of word of mouth recommendation.. (yes I am rather proud of that even if I do say so myself).

Well that is about it in a nutshell I wanted to share in case anyone was sitting at their own Crossroads and struggling with what to do first and how or when..

We are here to help and truly love to do so..

My kids first trip to the snow... and my tips..

I can't believe I am English and my eldest child has managed to make it to 8 years old without ever seeing snow!. My parents had me on ski's at about the same age as I was toilet trained so it also seems odd I haven't felt the need to get my kids bombing down a mountain earlier. 

I think it might come down to the fact that I just see Australia as only a hot country so never wanted to go anywhere cold.. I often label myself as a total dick for some of my behaviour and again here I shall call it. What a prat, we were totally missing out!

Ok so it is not Europe and the Black runs are possibly like Blues but it was bloody brilliant and my kids had a blast...

I loved the landscape on the way...

First day, first sight of snow and on the toboggan in a shot.. #makingmemories

That was Harrington celebrating his first blue run and Kitty.. well, being Kitty.

We had 3 days of amazing sun and then a massive dump.. it was bliss, so lucky.

The way home was as stunning over the Canberra Plains as the landscape near Cooma..

6 hours drive is nothing and the fact that we went from shorts and a t shirt one day to skiing the next was just fabulous. 

Notes for the future that might help anyone else planning a Thredbo trip..

We discussed a few options that could make it cheaper like staying in Jindabyne and driving in each day but had it snowed heavily that would have been annoying.

Make sure you bring food.. kids get hungry too fast and the village is expensive.

Even if going for 4 days book a 5 day pass for everything as is cheaper than a 3 day and paying 1 extra after..

If getting a kids ski rental package take the poles even if a beginner.. they may excel fast and need them if they get to level 5.

Check out when the kids ski free weeks are.. it just means they get the pass and rental stuff free, you still pay ski school but that was good value and gives you the freedom to ski alone so money outrageously well spent!!.

If you are going late in the season you may even be able to buy ski gear from Rebel at 60% off before you go for even less than renting it.

You have to buy a NSW parks pass to stay there so instead of a 5 day one pay $50 more and get a year long one then you can just travel a week earlier the next year and not pay anything.. AND you are free to go in the summer if you fancy some mountain biking?

Ok thats all my little pointers but safe to say I am a fan :)

Have you been to Thredbo? I am curious about Perisher.. Is it better? 

Life Lately

: Brookvale is my new hood..  I still work from home and the Warehouse is hardly far but I love the new area. It is more edgy and urban yet becoming pretty hip and happening with lots of spaces having complete refurbishments and some wicked film editing studios popping up too..

: Baking, there has been lots of baking.. healthy baking by on Mondays when my gorgeous Traci comes in and helps me to start my week just right..

: When a friend has a birthday that doesn't go to plan you simply have to call a re -do and that is what Sonia and I did  for Bron and had the scrummiest lunch.

: We officially launched the DTLLWorkshops Space with an amazing Dream Catcher Workshop it was so much fun we are running kids versions for the school holidays.

: Kitty had her birthday party, an art party hosted by my lovely friend Liz and topped off with Ben 'n' Jerry's Ice Cream Cake that was beyond amazeballs.

: Stock in the retail shop at the Warehouse is a little too attractive to me and I have to keep photographing it so that I don't go taking it all home with me!.

: These Girls.. this was at the end of our first open day at The Warehouse.. we were high as kites on adrenalin and as knackered as all hell thanks to a massive month prior to it getting ready. The days that we get to work together in our space are just magical. We laugh and cry, we tell idiotic jokes and share secrets we haven't told anyone else.. They are the sisters I never had.

: This is our amazing DTLL Workshop Table and this was just some of the beautiful bits we got to play with at Sky's Weaving Workshop of which we have another one booked already..

So as you can tell my life has revolved around work, work and a little more work but such is the way when you launch new businesses and I just like to ride the waves and consider the stress a good weight loss tool!!.

What have you been up too?