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So I know you think I am nuts with running too many businesses but truly I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it on some sick sadistic level :)

It is something that comes quite naturally. I created DTLL from the ground up with no help on the day to day running and no budget so I know what works and what doesn't.

I have tried and tested so many platforms and avenues that I don't waste time with any that are not worthwhile a second time around and I am an absolute freak at prioritising as without keeping everything on schedule I would have drowned a long time ago.

If I had a dollar for every email I got from someone who knows me via a mate of a mate who's sister down the road said they could email to ask if they could pick my brain about starting an on line business, how to do marketing, social media, get as much PR as DTLL, find pattern cutters, where to produce clothes blah, blah, blah.. I would never need to work again.

Much as I adore to help, I do need to work about 10 hrs a day to keep DTLL running so over a brainstorming lunch with Kate and Sonia one day we were chatting and essentially all saying the same thing. They get the same requests as I do.

Kate and I have found in the last couple of years, since starting to work together between The Cult List and then having DTLL and Uberkate with Sonia as our right hand girl on both platforms, that basically between the 3 of us there was never a problem or question we couldn't answer. There wasn't anything to do with building or running the business that one of us is not skilled in how to do or create and quite frankly (blowing our own trumpet) as a trio we are the total package.

SOOO it only seemed right once we had moved in to the same working space that we create yet ANOTHER business. One that used our talents and meant we could continue actually offer help to those emails we get but make a wage from doing so and offer them some serious value for money with insider secrets of how to do it right, quickly and well..

We have called it Crossroading.

CROSSROADING : to meet at a cross roads and have many directions to take….

Kate, Sonia and I are passionate about helping people bring their dreams to reality.

We know how much some businesses charge for things that just do not need to be that expensive. We approach our all our clients with the want to teach them how to do it all themselves so that they don't need to be paying us or anyone else to do it in the future.

It empowers them and enables them to spend their budget in other areas that are a better return on investment.

We offered our services to our first client less than a month ago and already have 4 more on the books so it appears we are delivering the goods as each and every one was as a result of word of mouth recommendation.. (yes I am rather proud of that even if I do say so myself).

Well that is about it in a nutshell I wanted to share in case anyone was sitting at their own Crossroads and struggling with what to do first and how or when..

We are here to help and truly love to do so..

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