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It just makes me grumpy..

I spoke to Sonia about this the other day and said I felt the need to blog about it as I know we all feel the same and solidarity is a powerful thing but then I feel like such a loser whinging away when quite frankly I have a good life..

Anywho.. here I am. It feels like a weekly scenario and that is because it is..

I work and my husband works
I work from home and he gets on a bus at 7am to return at 7pm (earliest)..

The thing is because he has bosses and I don't I get the bum end of the deal on ALL chores.. take the other day.

We are putting in a pool in our back garden ( I told you life was good - we have been saving for a few years but either way - we are getting  a pool!!). Back to the point..

He leaves at 7 and says 'I am busy all day so can you get the bank cheques for the trades due tomorrow and I will see you after I have been out for a work dinner at about 8.30/9'.

'Oh ok.. I had planned to go to the gym today for an hour but I will cancel that and do the bank' Hmmfph..

7am up
7.15 Laundry Load
7.30 Make Lunch Boxes
8am Speech Therapy Session for youngest
8.45 Drop at School
9am Walk Dexter
10am Food Shop
11am Go to Bank, find it is shut due to renovations drive to another one 15 mins away
Midday Go and source green body paint for 'Book Week' dress up the next day
12.15 Sit in Car to to Social Media for 4 accounts live on Insta and FB
12.30 Pick up TCL Stock for mailing
1pm Race home as remember is bin day and they are not out
1.30pm Package Orders and go to GPO
2pm Meet Plumber for Pool Inspection
2.30 Organise & Deliver school holiday care forms
3pm Go Home and package up DTLL Branding packs for new sellers and post
4pm Start tomorrows Newsletter, Finish 2 Print Ads, Plan Banners for Website and source images
5.30 Collect Kids and Feed Dexter
6pm Feed Kids, Change over Laundry
6.30 Realise I have not eaten more than an apple and cook my own dinner then sit down to write a blog and put together a strategy for Crossroading Client
7.45 Put kids to bed and finish newsletter
9pm Pinterest for the day
9.30 Schedule the next day..

This is my day at least two days a week and in between all of that I am answering press call emails, managing any applications to DTLL, answering customer service on DTLL, TCL and DTLLWS along with managing social media for any Crossroading Clients we are working with..

And do you know what? The only thing that makes me grumpy is when I can't offload at least one of those items somewhere so I can go to the gym for just 30 minutes!!

What make you grumpy? 
Seriously tell me to get back in my box.. moaning I can't get to the gym because I work too much and have a pool going in.. LOSER!! 

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