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Life Lately

: Brookvale is my new hood..  I still work from home and the Warehouse is hardly far but I love the new area. It is more edgy and urban yet becoming pretty hip and happening with lots of spaces having complete refurbishments and some wicked film editing studios popping up too..

: Baking, there has been lots of baking.. healthy baking by on Mondays when my gorgeous Traci comes in and helps me to start my week just right..

: When a friend has a birthday that doesn't go to plan you simply have to call a re -do and that is what Sonia and I did  for Bron and had the scrummiest lunch.

: We officially launched the DTLLWorkshops Space with an amazing Dream Catcher Workshop it was so much fun we are running kids versions for the school holidays.

: Kitty had her birthday party, an art party hosted by my lovely friend Liz and topped off with Ben 'n' Jerry's Ice Cream Cake that was beyond amazeballs.

: Stock in the retail shop at the Warehouse is a little too attractive to me and I have to keep photographing it so that I don't go taking it all home with me!.

: These Girls.. this was at the end of our first open day at The Warehouse.. we were high as kites on adrenalin and as knackered as all hell thanks to a massive month prior to it getting ready. The days that we get to work together in our space are just magical. We laugh and cry, we tell idiotic jokes and share secrets we haven't told anyone else.. They are the sisters I never had.

: This is our amazing DTLL Workshop Table and this was just some of the beautiful bits we got to play with at Sky's Weaving Workshop of which we have another one booked already..

So as you can tell my life has revolved around work, work and a little more work but such is the way when you launch new businesses and I just like to ride the waves and consider the stress a good weight loss tool!!.

What have you been up too? 

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