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My kids first trip to the snow... and my tips..

I can't believe I am English and my eldest child has managed to make it to 8 years old without ever seeing snow!. My parents had me on ski's at about the same age as I was toilet trained so it also seems odd I haven't felt the need to get my kids bombing down a mountain earlier. 

I think it might come down to the fact that I just see Australia as only a hot country so never wanted to go anywhere cold.. I often label myself as a total dick for some of my behaviour and again here I shall call it. What a prat, we were totally missing out!

Ok so it is not Europe and the Black runs are possibly like Blues but it was bloody brilliant and my kids had a blast...

I loved the landscape on the way...

First day, first sight of snow and on the toboggan in a shot.. #makingmemories

That was Harrington celebrating his first blue run and Kitty.. well, being Kitty.

We had 3 days of amazing sun and then a massive dump.. it was bliss, so lucky.

The way home was as stunning over the Canberra Plains as the landscape near Cooma..

6 hours drive is nothing and the fact that we went from shorts and a t shirt one day to skiing the next was just fabulous. 

Notes for the future that might help anyone else planning a Thredbo trip..

We discussed a few options that could make it cheaper like staying in Jindabyne and driving in each day but had it snowed heavily that would have been annoying.

Make sure you bring food.. kids get hungry too fast and the village is expensive.

Even if going for 4 days book a 5 day pass for everything as is cheaper than a 3 day and paying 1 extra after..

If getting a kids ski rental package take the poles even if a beginner.. they may excel fast and need them if they get to level 5.

Check out when the kids ski free weeks are.. it just means they get the pass and rental stuff free, you still pay ski school but that was good value and gives you the freedom to ski alone so money outrageously well spent!!.

If you are going late in the season you may even be able to buy ski gear from Rebel at 60% off before you go for even less than renting it.

You have to buy a NSW parks pass to stay there so instead of a 5 day one pay $50 more and get a year long one then you can just travel a week earlier the next year and not pay anything.. AND you are free to go in the summer if you fancy some mountain biking?

Ok thats all my little pointers but safe to say I am a fan :)

Have you been to Thredbo? I am curious about Perisher.. Is it better? 

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