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When Hooray turned One

I forgot to share this earlier in the year as we were put under embargo until the magazine had been released with the official images in print.

The event was only a few months back now but feels like forever ago.. it was absolutely peeing it down when we arrived and our umbrellas were being blown backwards but we ran inside the Coggee Pavillion and it was like entering another world!.

The world of Hooray, the world of yumminess, happiness and it allowed us to behave like kids and play with the ones attending too..

Jayde had just joined the DTLL Team so it was all 3 DTLL Girls all in one place.. yep we talked trash and ate too much sugar.

Post happiness Sonia and I like saddo fan girls went to the filming location of Wonderland and took a selfie.. seriously like how old are we?

What is the best party you have been too? 
Have you seen the cakes Jaydes Mum makes? She didn't cater for Hooray but she so should have!

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