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I love the personal touch..

If I could I would have quotes all around my house.. Just little banners and decor pieces with inspiring words to keep me smiling as I walked past. I find words so powerful it always seems a shame not to use them for good when we can.

This store has such a simple classic vibe and is always on my list for people who ask for recommendations and Caroline makes the most beautiful Christening Crosses, there are pieces to celebrate new bubs,  and the Hearts for Newlyweds are such as wonderful keepsake.

I have bought my kids the Christmas Decorations (this year they say they want me to get one for Dexter) and I rather think I might add those little bracelets to my stocking stuffer list as they are super cute and such good value!.

Anywho thats my share for this week of a favourite store for Christmas Ideas..

Do you not just love them too?

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