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My hubby got new digs..

My husband works for LinkedIn and a few months back they moved offices. Now anyone that knows the LinkedIn Crew will know that any bloody excuse for a party and they are on it so this was no exception.

DJ's, Ice Cream Stand, Barbeque, The Hugest Cheese Board, Cocktails, Photo Booth, Caricature Drawing and more..

Those of course sat alongside the things that come as standard for the employees of arcade games, nintendo on a big screen and a full kitchen full of healthy goodies.

The offices are schmick', organic and feel laid back with an element of fun. Coffee machines in the foyer, a huge LinkedIn sign designed from blue thongs. Each meeting room has an amusing name referencing Aussie Slang and my favourite thing is that they run a Living Wellness Program with  a gym and instructors to come in and teach all day long.

My kids just go for the toys......

I will say that the guys work bloody hard and long hours but in return they are well and truly looked after. I curse how many events my boy gets to attend and his over seas trips for sales meetings with the other countries but if I am honest I love that he works for a company that clearly care about their staff and peeps if you ever get the chance to interview or even luckier get headhunted by this group..


Where do you work? Do they look after you well? 

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