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Good Clothes are hard to find...

I don't just mean good fitting or even just good quality but I mean the whole package.. good for the environment, made to last, classic styles .. all that jazz..

I love having pieces that are on trend and make me feel like I am in with the cool crowd but that passes and what I really love is things that hang in my wardrobe season after season as I can't let them go..

A classic black shirt, any easy maxi dress that I can dress up or down to suit the occasion. The store I am sharing today is just that. All made from Bamboo that is not only eco friendly but a fab material all year around as it helps regulate body temperature and evaporates moisture keeping you cool and dry in summer and warm in winter.

These are my favourite picks.. I am such a fan of  a solid colour base as it gives me an opportunity to play with shoes colour and jewellery. Check out their full range here 

What is your favourite material to wear? Do you have a set colour in your wardrobe? 

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