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Sometimes it is personal...

Its funny.. all the years in business you are told to not take it personally but come on.. if it is actually your OWN business how the hell can it not be personal?

I care about the people I approve to be on DTLL.
I worry if they are not selling loads.
I know a whole host of back stories to most that mean I am desperate to see them make some cash quick smart.
I have heard from them what their dream is and I want to help them get there.

Ok so that is mine to own as I take on the need and want to see them succeed but how could I not?

The other day I had someone call me out as not being part of the cool crowd as I was still using gender specific gift guides on the website. That I was backwards and behind the times as all toys are unisex so why have guides for each sex?

I am so NOT gender specific when it comes to buying gifts or how should wear what and play how. I was REALLY insulted!.

My daughter is tomboy, just as I was.
The quantity of pictures with Harrington dressed as a mermaid, merrily drinking from pink cups have me proud as anything that he isn't "just into boys colours'. Hell, just last weekend I have one of him skateboarding in his sisters neon floaty shorts!!

We have gender specific guides to suit the masses, to help the time poor and to create better chances of sales for our stores.

I said to this person when she said we don't need to offer the two categories..

"Yes we do.. our customers would like guidance as to what to buy for a boy, what to buy for a girl. They can shop from both, one or none. The stores choose which item of theirs is represented within that page.

If they are buying for a boy they want simply 20 options that will suit their grandson, nephew, son, whatever.. whilst a boy is for sure welcome to and possibly may want to wear the pink bunny play dress with floral ears there are not many people that would buy it as a gift. "

Why am I here telling you all this? Well it is still bothering me a few days later. I feel like I have a finger pointing at me saying your are a gender racist or something like that..

So am I wrong? Please tell me if I am.. Is it really bad to have a gift guide for boys and a gift guide for girls that are separate?  

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