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Time for Tea

This time of year I really start to struggle with my health, not the getting ill type of thing but more the time to exercise, the time to take time for me and the time to slow down and destress.

It happens year on year and last year I worked out what to do about it.

I slow down my exercise and take it to walking the dog and Pilates, I eat more salads and I carry a massive bottle of water at all times.. I try to keep my hydration up as much as possible and as I am not a fan of plain water I use the tea bottle and infuse my water with whatever fruits are in season and yummy.

Once in a while I substitute that for Green Tea as I know how good that is for me but my top favourite is herbal tea which is why I am showing you this store today..

They have a cute gift pack perfect for Christmas as I love the idea of little test tubes to add to my gift packages !!

Are you a tea drinker?
Do you get run down at this time of year?
Do you drink enough in a day? 

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