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A Gourmet Crafternoon

Do you judge how an event is put together and presented? Do you think it says a lot about the person hosting it?  I am not one to judge a book by its cover but in a world where visual feasts abound on social media and event styling has come from being a few candles to personalised and on theme items from start to finish, it does take quite a bit to impress me.

The other week Sonia and I rocked up to Acme in Kings Cross for a lunch hosted by Ferrero Rocher and from the moment we opened the door to the time when we had to depart it was eye candy galore in the literal and metaphorical sense.

We all know Ferrero as the gourmet chocolate gift, its luxe gold wrappers are perfect for Christmas and as time has passed the range has expanded so I can buy a little duo wrapped combo or the big kahuna box for the family..

I took a few snaps between eating the most amazing Italian food and you can see for yourself what you think of how Ferrero looks as a dining experience.

So what do you think? The florals were actually pretty simple and contained lots of foraged items but of anyone know what that gorgeous draped hanging stuff id in the tall vase with holly etc I am very keen to know..

Do you go the whole hog for parties?
Are you a theme person or are candles and a bunch of flowers more than enough? 

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