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Just bottle it..

I found this amazing store whilst pottering the markets... just the way it should be with any stores on Down that Little Lane..

At the time there was a far smaller range, the labels were not as varied and there were no gift packs on offer but as with any start up that was just the way it should be. I am always really excited to see any brand I have known from the start flourish into something I know they are proud to call their own and this is one of those..

Everything delivered to you by Sweet Health is still handmade from the heart and all by the one gorgeous Debbie so you know you are supporting local talent to the core.

My kids are buying their teachers the teachers kit and I think I might get Santa the Night Before Christmas Kit after I have ordered a set of take home gifts with stripey blue labels to go with Harrington's Pool Party he is having for his B Day!!

Yep Sweet Health is going to get some White Family loving!!..

What do you buy your teachers?

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