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Kitchening in Style

I have no idea if kitchening is such a thing but to be in the kitchen is and lots of us spend a huge amount of time there. For me it is the heart of the home and even when guests are over they hang there with you too..

Its hard to stay looking stylish to new friends when you are still faffing away at the kitchen bench and until now I would always be in a daggy apron.. I recently went to the launch of The Apron Studio's first collection and immediately had to invite them to be part of DTLL.

I went home with the Shibori Apron and Sonia who was with me took the Linen one. we wear them at the workshops but my next dinner party I am so bringing it home so I get to stay looking trendy even when I am still prepping on their arrival (tell me I am not alone and that it happens to you too?)

This store has you covered for decorating the table with stunning runners, chic aprons for full length coverage or mini for the more confident or even restaurant owners . I particularly like the mini me options that are identical to the larger making the kids feel like a real pro. Just like Mum or Dad!

Got andy chefs in the family? Why not update them for Christmas?
Mini Masterchefs needing some encouragement? Make them feel like a pro!!
The short aprons are also fab for gardening!!.. SO many uses and such a great price 

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