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Voices 2015

I can't really call myself a 'blogger' as I am just not consistent enough.. It is not that I have nothing to say.. au contraire, I am just time poor and it is not how I make my living so it just gets forced to the back of the pile.

I still read a fair few blogs and follow all the people I love on Insta so I know what they are doing and what is going on in their lives which of course makes you feel like you are besties despite never having met!..

There are a host of those people that I do actually see and speak to regularly and thats why when I was invited to Kidspot Voices 2015 Awards I was totally up for it.

Good food, great people and the chance to finally put some names to faces with others? .. total no brainer.

I went with Sonia, Lila and Jayde and Lila won Alumni!!.. She was so surprised and we were so happy!!. The main event went out the The Thud and the rest of the night was spent staring at the Insta wall.. scoffing chocolates and climbing in and out of Ford Cars being totally inappropriate.

After all was said and done we were collected by Steve, Iggy and Coco Bear.. we went home talking trash and saying how nice it was to see everyone..

I got to finally give Eden a hug, I found out what Sharni looked like (watch out for 2016 at DTLL Workshops.. she is coming to town) and wanted to give Viv the wooden spoon for looking so amazing post 2 kids..

Bron was there with hubby and Robyn, Sam and Shannon rocked up looking all glam  

All in all an awesome night surrounded by fab people that really are a very supportive crew!..

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