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New Starts..

This year I have made a promise to myself that I will be here maybe just once a week but that I will be more present when I am, that I will share more openly.

I want to be more proud of what I achieve and allow my mistakes to be something I share for others to learn by..

I feel like I started blogging to build a profile for business, I went more personal once I launched the business and loved it so much more but then I got busy and instead of pulling back and be true to myself I just content created. The thing is as I make no money from this blog, nor do I plan too, I was an idiot as it just lead me to get confused and frustrated.

SO thats it, here I am and I am back to doing this for me. It is how/why most blogs start and its why we like them so regardless of whether I am talking to crickets I am going to go back to a form of honest journaling approach.

I think it might be the turning 40 thing but I am happy with where I am and what I am and already 2016 has been massive for me in how I approach my work life balance.

So far this year I am proud that Sonia and I have really got DTLLWorkshops into a flow.. we have amazing creatives we truly adore and are now looking to hire an intern so we can take time out from being present at every workshop and see our family more often. Its a big step for a young business as it will really hit us on the hip pocket as it were BUT it is us knowing what we need to do to take it to the next level and ensure we maintain our love for what we are doing instead of burning out..

On my other work fronts I have dedicated Monday and Tuesday to DTLL so that I can get the guaranteed weekly requirements all done by Tuesday evening it means the rest of my week is for yummy stuff like press calls and just dealing with customers and our stores. The yummy stuff takes up so little time in comparison to those first two days that I get to be around for my kids and I truly feel like I can afford the time to spend on The Cult List, DTLLWorkshops and Crossroading.

The Cult List we are taking back to the bits we love and enjoy, those are designing our own products and pieces and simply releasing maybe 6-8 items a year and keeping them truly limited editions and everything we are about.

Crossroading is going gang busters and we are getting the most immense amount of pleasure helping other businesses brainstorm their way through hurdles and navigating the sticky stuff. We are very honest and it can feel a bit brutal but each and every business we have worked with leaves smiling and comes back for more so we must be doing something right.

And lastly on my personal front I am back training for me.. making time to do some longer sessions not just sneaking in a 30 minutes here and there.
I don't work the afternoons the kids are home so I can have playdates over and bake banana cakes for tea.
My hubby is travelling more but I am seeing it as time for me to get crappy house chores done and re connect with the kids by taking them to the beach to eat after school.
I am having other kids over for sleepovers so their parents can get date nights and just feel good about dedicating my solo parenting time to a good cause.
I am saving up to do a Vedic Meditation Course with my gorgeous friend Jackie and the biggest change is I have decided to go grey.. hair wise.. I will do another post on that another day x

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