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Eight Things I WON'T Be Doing Before I Die

So Sonia did it  and when I read her blog I thought.. how hard can that be to say 8 things you will not be doing before you die but to say things you felt were 100% true was actually a little harder than I thought!!

1. New York, NO WAY!!.

I have visited and yes I am possibly too easily influenced by films and TV series but the US scares me, well certain parts. Gun rules are just too loose for me to ever settle and I would be a paranoid wreck coming from Australia

2. You won't find me playing Computer Games for 24 hours solid ever again..

We finally got the kids a Playstation this year (they are only allowed to play on weekends and school holidays) and I haven't played once. 
Years ago my boyfriend and I sat and played Resident Evil for 24 hours straight. I think that was my fill for life as I just can't seem to go back.

3. I will never be a smoker.

I was for 3 or 4 years from about 17 years old.. 1-2 packs a day and then I met my boyfriend, who is now my husband and he didn't smoke. I was so madly in love and in total honeymoon period that I decided to use it as a time to catalyst my giving up and it worked. 
Even if we had not lasted I would have been ever grateful to him for that. 

4. I won't allow my moral compass to be compromised.

I like to think that I have become a good person. I was a much more materialistic, self absorbed individual in my younger London days. These days I see myself as a very loyal and devoted friend, wife and mother.
I believe strongly in Karma and I go out of my way to be the best business person I can be with a strong moral ethic that I won't even compromise for cash.. I plan to keep that going forever..

5. I will not have any more bubs of my own.

My hubby is one of 5 and would love more kids, I sort of would also but we won't as our family is perfect for us and it is time for us all to grow older together with no distractions apart from each other.
I say my own as if someone I was close too ever needed a surrogate and I could do that for them, I would. 

6. My material belongings will never be valued over and above my family..

I have got to a point were I truly value family time above all else. I would be happy living in a tent with my brood. OK a tent is pushing it but point is I would sell everything and anything  to keep us fed and together. I would move anywhere (just not New York) and I just don't crave materialistic things the way I used too as I would prefer to buy an experience over a handbag.

7. I will never free climb a cliff wall 

Rock Climbing on a sheer cliff face with no ropes? WTF? Why? The idea of dropping and splitting my head on rock just paralyses me in fear..

8. I will never run the Marathon De Sables

Marcus is doing it this April with his 4 brothers. I would have loved to have done it with him but we would have had to wait until the kids were older so we could have trained together and as I know I wouldn't go it alone and he will not want to do it twice I am crossing it off my Bucket List and will find something new!

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