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Suck it up Sista!!

Last week I shared an image on my Instagram where I captioned how I am not in the best place I have ever been..

 I quote ..

'Today I attacked it. I currently weigh 1kg more than I have ever (outside of pregnancy) and 4kg more than in the last 4 years.. Life is not all that easy at the mo and I am feeling really crap about myself, enough to have a cry about it.. so today started with a killer bush run with Dex. Exercise does wonders for your mental attitude, don't forget that.. Just over a month and I will claim back some serious training time from my mad @6days5whites husband!! Your day is what you make it.. So make it good'

I am fine.. I do these posts as I feel the need to be honest.. it is as much for others as me. I just know so many people who don't talk about it and suffer thier stupid thoughts and feelings thinking no one else has them..

My mental health is so good these days in that even when I am down I know its for a reason and I can rationalise my emotions. I know that crying can be cleansing and I go for it. I feel like a prat after as crying seemed way over the top given the situation but who gives a crap I feel better and no one else even knew!

Yes my work is hard at the moment, my husband is travelling and training a lot and life is 'FULL'.. futures are up in the air and it all takes a toll

BUT in the grand schemes of things my life is bloody awesome. I have so little to worry about compared to 90% of the world and I just have to remind myself that sometimes :)

My brother arrives to Aus in 7 days!!..WTF.. how can life be bad !! I won't have to discuss my irrational thoughts out loud to myself I will be able to call him!

The reality is all of us find it tough not to feel 'woe is me' when we are having a shitty week or seem to be getting the raw deal of a scenario, yet in the bigger picture I am like suck it up sista!!

your reality is still your reality..... and its still hard....

I am just sharing this here again to say share it out loud, share it, own it and don't be ashamed. You will be amazed at how many others are right by your side and right there ready to help.

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