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The Long Road

On the 10th April my husband will find out if the 'Marathon of the Sands' is truly is the toughest footrace on earth...

He leaves Sydney tomorrow with his final destination being Marrakesh in the northern Sahara region in Africa.

Here are a few stats on his journey so far
  • Run and cycled 2646 km since November 2015, on three different continents
  • Lost 6.4 kg (apparently might loose another 5 kg during the race itself). Just calling it out that hot cross buns do not help his waist line :-(
  • Run through 4 pairs of trainers
  • 7 Osteopath sessions
  • 26 acupuncture sessions
  • Rabies, Typhoid, HepA, Polio and Tetnus injections - ouch
  • Raised $4,753 for BeyondBlue.... heartfelt thank you
  • Raised awareness for BeyondBlue....... again a heartfelt thank you
These are the stats on what he will have to look forward to
  • Run (crawl) 257 km over 6 days, with one 90 km multi stage run
  • Self sufficient for the trip, to carry all his food, clothes, sleeping bag, mat etc etc (debating whether I should pack him the Nespresso machine..!!?)
  • Water ration to 10 litres per day
WHY, WHY, WHY ....... 

It is personal and it is for a cause he is hugely passionate about and vested in beyondblue.

Thank you to everyone who has donated and a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to reach out to family, friends and colleagues and ask them if they are okay. It is such a small thing to say but has huge ramifications.. 

I am so proud of what he has acheived even before he makes his first steps in the race. You can continue to follow the adventure and support BeyondBlue via his Charity Page. The 5 boys are on Instagram too under @6days5whites.

Want to see the lunacy? Here is a preview..

If you did want to track him live during the race, you can join my kids and I by jumping on the following link MDS Live subscribe and then enter his race number 517. You'll then be able to watch via satellite as he navigates his way through the sand dunes, and hopefully not in the wrong direction..

Has your partner ever done anything you thought was a little bit OTT? Trained for an event and left you holding the reigns? Have you ever done MDS?