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19 Years... F*%K..

Yep that was my husbands response yesterday when he realised it was our anniversary today and I said yep it will be 19 years tomorrow..


Well I would have to agree..

After quickly seeing the tail end of Seven Year Switch on TV and they had peeps that were, well 7 years in, and hadn't had sex for 11 months and 17 months respectively I figured us still shagging at 19 years gone means we must be magical.. right?! (Sorry kids if you read this in the future).

I would hate to add up how many weeks my boy has been away this year as in our 19th year he has travelled more than in the previous 18 and this Mum don't like it but he does it for us just like he always has (Well the Marathon De Sables was totally for him but who wouldn't want their partner to go and do such an amazing thing).

My husband is an absolute 'keeper'.
Marcus is hot and sexy and doesn't act like it... I love that.
As a Dad he is their idol, he shows them how all Dads should be.
He knows all the things I love and supports me in doing each and every new thing I dive into.
He is my all, my everything and that one person I truly know I could live in a shack with and still be happy.

19 Years.. fuck!!

That is nearly half my life and he has been with me for the ones that have challenged all emotions, pushed me to the edge, made me dig deeper than ever knew was possible and the best bit is he is STILL here..

Happy Anniversary Marcus White.. I LOVE YOU..

P.S Bronze wasn't easy for a gift.. lets hope 20 years is an easier tradition!! ..

Do you buy traditional yearly gifts for your anniversaries? 
How long have you been playing the game of love? 
He's a keeper huh?! 


  1. All the love for one of the cutest couples in town. 19 years... fuck!?

  2. Happy Anniversary you guys. Its incredible how perfectly matched in every way you too are xx

  3. cara menggugurkan kandungan dengan cepat dan akurat kandungan dengan cepat dan akurat terbukti ampuh untuk melunturkan janin kehamilan muda 1 minggu hingga 1 , 2 , 3 dan 4 bulan


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