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What I am doing more of these days....

I have always known I loved helping others get through challenges they have in life by using my mistakes or triumphs to speed up their process.

I do it in my personal life as well as my work one.. I just think 'Why wouldn't you?'.

I do understand how business people can feel they don't want to give away their knowledge and possibly feel that why should they spend years learning and making mistakes only to tell everyone else how not to do so and save them all that time and money? BUT that is just not me.

I do have the ability to be selfish (I don't like to share my food) and I can easily be foolishly inconsiderate of others feelings (ask those I love the most) but it appears that on the business and life lessons side I am a total sharer. It makes me feel good, so maybe that is my selfish touch to it, but the gift it offers others is just me paying it forward from the people who have always made the time to chat with me along they way.

As a result I have been presenting at a host of different events more and more. I don't LOVE being centre of attention but I do love having people ask the questions that have been troubling them for a while and being able to give them the answers..

Now I am not here to tout for business (but if you want to get in touch for any then I won't be knocking you back) I thought I would share my next gig..

I will be at CELEBRATE  'a business bash for party makers and confetti shakers'.

I will be there with a few of my fave people (see below) and its at a stunning location (ahem.. above)..

Do you share your failures in life? 
Do you only share the success? 
You in the party industry and coming to play?

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