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How to spring clean your house of clutter ..

So you all know that I moved to the U.S huh? Possibly not.. I have been in and out of this blog over the years and the last year of my life was the most testing ever so the poor old blog just disappeared onto the back burner.

When you can't rely on Facebook...

I will be back with moving country info and what I am up to now soon, I promise but life just got busy again and I am back working for DTLL for a while.. more to explain on that front soon..

Its a little odd working for DTLL whilst not being the boss, I think I quite like it..

Before I left I had a few talks I presented and I also filmed a piece with the fab team at Chello for The Collective (which just happens to be the only magazine I have shipped over here as I had 8 mags still to read and was not willing to wait until I returned to Aus!!)..

Oh shut up.. don't laugh.. it is not like I have resting bitch face.. just caught mid ramble!!

Making It: Episode 5 | Tessa White from Chello on Vimeo.

I know watching this that I am going to want to get out there and work within the digital marketing, PR and advertising industry again. I am so motivated by the results I know I can get and it is just infectious..

I am thinking I may start doing a round up of my favourite stores world wide each month and share more of the individual products on Insta? Would you follow?

Did you suffer from algorithm changes on FB? 
Has the Instagram change to knock out chronological order changed your reach? 

How to build a business you can sell...

What a whirlwind last 4/5 years I have had. I have started 4 businesses and now I only have a shareholding in one of them and no longer 'work'.. (Motherhood is a bloody full time job so I can't leave out those inverted comma's!!)

So in that time I have mentored, helped, chatted with and advised a whole host of people who were either at the start of their business journey or stuck after a few years that just were not panning out as had been expected.

In leaving Australia to live in the U.S I had to sell out of my businesses and I learnt a whole host during that process about what adds value to a business and what simple key features make it easy to sell over not so easy..

Here are my key points that everyone can slip into their model.

  • Above and beyond you want to create a business that has something unique about it over your competitors. This will help you pimp it up to any prospective buyers.
  • Keep it simple. If a business has too many 'arms' it makes it harder to sell.
  • Know your place in your industry and be ready for questions that try to devalue what you consider of value to your brand.
  • If you are on line ensure you have a presence on all the social media platforms and really do put some time into the ones that are relevant to your industry.
  • If you business is on line ensure the platform is as simple as possible so that it can be easily handed over and does not take tech geniuses to run it (they can be expensive and whilst you may be one yourself your purchaser may not)
  • As you build your business create a brand guideline that can be documented for someone else to have as a guidebook of sorts.
  • All those day to day admin bits? List them. Even if you don't need a diary to keep up with your schedule do have one as it will be a fabulous way to show a new owner what sort of time they need and also help you look at where you are at and value the time needed to be put into your model and what it returns wages wise for the new owner.
  • Paperwork is key. Keep it up to date and ensure each 3 months you print off Profit and Loss sheets so you can easy show the future projections of the business.
  • Know that a buyer will not value revenue, they just want to know about profits
  • Know that a buyer will not purchase 'future predictions' they are now going to spend money on a maybe/possibly/might...
  • Know that you 100% have to take out the personal side of it.. this is business not friendship so be prepared.
If you can prepare all those and prepare yourself you can then soft launch the sale yourself or get a broker to do it for you. Depending on where you are in the world there are websites that can help but I have found my close network was a great place to start as I was selling more personal and small businesses.

Have you sold your business? 
Do you have any tips to add? 
Are you thinking of setting one up and need some advice? 

HOW could you?

So I have been asked why would you? HOW could you? I have been reminded by so many people that there was no way they could do it, that they just couldn't risk it not working out..

Yep all the re assuring type of conversations you want to have just before you move to another country with your kids.

And now I am here? I may just be muttering those same words back to myself at certain times, ok quite a few times, oh ok at least 3 or 4 times a day!.

So Sydney to San Francisco.. how did it happen and how is it going are now the 2 most common questions I hear every day, that would be assuming I can ignore the obvious ones of  'Mum, can I have XYZ?' from the kids like clockwork on the half hour, every hour of the day that they are within earshot.

So why did we move when you were so in love with where we lived?

Easy, why not?

I should be a little more honest and not proclaim such a fly by the seat of my pants attitude as this wasn't my answer straight off.

When Marcus asked me last Christmas would I be interested, willing and able to move to the U.S next year some time I immediately answered..


'Oh O.K' he said sheepishly, I thought you might be a little more open to the idea...

'What?.. I have 3 businesses here, the kids are happy, we just got a dog and we are remortgaging to  put a pool in at the house'.

'Yeah, put it that way and it does sound a little stupid but I am just thinking about the future and where I can get with my career at LinkedIn in Sydney vs the U.S'

I won't bore you with how the next few months of random conversations panned out but suffice to say we discussed it more and I agreed I was being a tad ego driven with my head saying to me 'how can I walk away from a business I have put my heart and soul into?' AND own 2 of them with best mates, possibly a little bit narrow minded (staying was the easy option) and certainly fulfilling one of my strongest qualities of being SERIOUSLY stubborn... (I said no and I want what I want..).

As I started to think outside my box I realised what an opportunity this was for the kids to see and actually live another country, an experience not many get the chance to do.

I took a little ego check and confirmed to myself what I already knew, that my businesses were already taking up so much of my time that the kids were missing out and they certainly were not yielding an appropriate wage for myself given the time I spent on them.

I also took the time to think about the future and what made sense for us as a family, not just me, or just the kids, or just Marcus for that matter.. ALL of us.

Marcus and I were both working ridiculous hours and were shattered all weekend in between still working and if we could move to the U.S for a few years and have me not work at all and still be ok budget wise then what the hell was stopping us?

The best thing about our final decision to go was that there was no desperate search for a better life. We loved what we had in Sydney, so this was simply an adventure, an experience to share as a family and an opportunity for us all to get more time together which was something we hadn't managed for at least 2 years prior.

Yes we would miss friends and family but it is only temporary and heck we moved away from the lions share of them 16 years beforehand when we came from the U.K so we know what it is like to do it alone and we knew we could do it again.

So that was that, a decision was made. Marcus put his name in the ring for the U.S job and when he won it we had 6 weeks from signing the contract to when we needed to be in San Francisco.

I will write another post about how to organise, de clutter and pack up a house like a boss another day as it would be seriously useful for anyone moving, even if just locally.

I will also write another one with tips for anyone moving to the U.S as I have some fab shortcuts and networks on line I had never heard about until I got here and they would have been useful even before I landed rather than 2 weeks later when  I finally found them!.

So anyway.. that is HOW.. and now I am here.. well its awesome so far.. again another honest post with the highs and lows to come but all in all the place is amazing and the experience is a positive one.

Have you moved countries? 
Did you love it?
Did you go back?