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How to spring clean your house of clutter ..

So you all know that I moved to the U.S huh? Possibly not.. I have been in and out of this blog over the years and the last year of my life was the most testing ever so the poor old blog just disappeared onto the back burner.

Anywho. I am back and one of main things I learnt on the last 2 months was how bloody good it feels to have a serious spring clean.

Not a boring spring clean. MY kinda spring clean. It doesn't need to be spring and it doesn't even involve cleaning.

It is seriously super simple but does take a 6 week long dedication.

1. Join a Free Listing Platform, eBay, Your local Buy, Sell, Swap on Facebook.

2. Pick your rooms, week by week so you are sorting all the same type of items. Home Decor, Kitchen, Kids, Clothes,

3. Go through each room and be brutal, imagine that it would cost you to store something and ensure it is valuable enough to keep storing it.

3. Split those rooms into 4 piles.
To Keep (as in you need it available for access),
To Store (off season items or not regularly used),
To Sell,
For Charity
and Rubbish.

With all items I just said have I used it in the last 6 months? If I hadn't it needed to be considered for sale.

It is amazing how many things you hold on to when you have doubles or even triples of them. The pieces you keep because someone gave them to you or you got them for free and yet you never use them..

For decent items I wanted good money for I posted first on eBay and the Online Classifieds. I did eBay for a short period so I could get a feel for the pricing and if It didn't sell I re-listed with a slightly lower price but then added it to FB also.

For general items I stuck to Facebook and even joined specific pages for genre so my kids toys and decor etc went on Children's Pages whilst the Kitchen stuff was on the Generic Pages.

I wasn't silly about what I asked for the items and most sold really quickly with lots of people buying multiple items.

As you photograph everything, do it on a table against a white background. Write down on a pad what it is and details you will need like measurements. Write the original price you got it for and what you are selling it for and then leave 2 columns for the name of who buys it and when they are picking up.

As people bought I wrote everything down on my pad, I packaged up the purchases and put a post it note on the front with name and day of pick up. Once they had picked up and paid I crossed it off the pad.. OMG it was so friggin' satisfying.

My draws started to clear out and I had space in cupboards, my surfaces had less clutter.. my side of my house had no more left over crap pieces AND my wallet had cash in it!!

We all shop and buy new things that are just an update but why hold on to the old stuff when it is not your style anymore? I even MADE money on some of the pieces I had bought from Charity shops myself.

I got rid of old toys that didn't have all the matching parts and even allowed my kids to spend the money I made on some of their outdated games.

I can't remember my exact tally but I hit over $1000 without even selling any furniture AND the gorgeous karma in seeing someone else loving some thing I hadn't used in a while was a total bonus * see image*

It took me 4 weeks as I went a bit quicker due to needing to ship some items to San Francisco but I just took an hour each day to photograph and then the same to load and did that twice a week for the 4 weeks.

Have you done it? Do you need a de clutter? 
Try just one room.. it is truly amazetits to do.. so theraputic.

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