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When you can't rely on Facebook...

I will be back with moving country info and what I am up to now soon, I promise but life just got busy again and I am back working for DTLL for a while.. more to explain on that front soon..

Its a little odd working for DTLL whilst not being the boss, I think I quite like it..

Before I left I had a few talks I presented and I also filmed a piece with the fab team at Chello for The Collective (which just happens to be the only magazine I have shipped over here as I had 8 mags still to read and was not willing to wait until I returned to Aus!!)..

Oh shut up.. don't laugh.. it is not like I have resting bitch face.. just caught mid ramble!!

Making It: Episode 5 | Tessa White from Chello on Vimeo.

I know watching this that I am going to want to get out there and work within the digital marketing, PR and advertising industry again. I am so motivated by the results I know I can get and it is just infectious..

I am thinking I may start doing a round up of my favourite stores world wide each month and share more of the individual products on Insta? Would you follow?

Did you suffer from algorithm changes on FB? 
Has the Instagram change to knock out chronological order changed your reach? 

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