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My new home..

Of course those of you who follow me on Instagram will have already seen lots of snippets of my new life in San Francisco..
and a few of my special girls from home asked to see some more pictures so I thought I would share here..

We purposely didn't bring much furniture for two reasons; the cost to buy new is the same price as the shipping price together with the price you get for selling the same piece you already own AND we knew we would likely to be moving to a smaller place so starting again made sense.

I of course enjoyed shopping in some of the retailers I have wanted to shop from for years but by the end of it I actually couldn't stand to shop anymore.. I KNOW!!.. said no woman ever.. except one that has champagne taste on a limited budget and is obsessive about her house being finished before it is started.. my poor husband!

Its funny living in a smaller space.. I love that it takes way less time to clean but then it gets messier quicker as everything that gets left out is in your eye line the minute you arrive home.

Marcus loves not having a garden as he has no duties and being a rental the maintenance stuff has gone too so we have actual time on the weekend to be together as a family.. for the win baby!!

I might just come home and sell our larger house then rent a smaller apartment.. and pigs might fly.. Ha!

Are you in an apartment or a house? 
Do you rent? Have you gone back to renting from having a mortgage?

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  1. We already live in a small home, especially for the five of us, which I've always been content with. With planning our move, though, I am apprehensive about renting for the first time in over 15 years! I've come to the same conclusion, though, that it makes more sense to start again than to transport our home furnishings overseas.

    Your new home looks warm and inviting :)


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