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What to pack when moving countries..

This is such a loaded question as for starters it depends where you are going, for how long and even how soon you will be there.

Take me. Moving to the U.S.A with a turnaround time of a month (between knowing for sure we are going and the flight) and planing to return to the country I came from.

Check out the price of things where you are going. If you add the price of shipping it and what you will get for it if you sell it and you can buy it new for the same price.. well thats a no brainer.
Some electronic items won't work the same abroad and are better replaced.

Kitchen items.. I have pretty much needed everything I had packed (which was only half a big draw worth) so I should not have bothered as when my shipping arrives I will have 2.

Shipping takes time to get there so if you will need the item in the interim you will end up buying one so sell the other or store it. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can do without it for 3 months because not only may it ended up being longer but if you have to buy a cheap alternative to tide you over you waste even more money.

This seems obvious but pack for the season when it comes to clothes but again plan for holidays you might take in 4 months time, or events for that matter. Take just a few items from the seasons you don't expect to happen.. they just might!.

Pack some of your favourite key decor pieces in your suitcase. There is nothing nicer than having a few favourite pieces in each room of the new place.

If you have kids make sure you take a selection of each of their favourite things to play with but mainly the things they like the most and take up time to play with not just sit on a shelf looking cute. Boredom is expensive in a new town!.

Don't pack framed photos, just take the photos as the frames can be replaced.

With furniture you need to think hard.. will it fit the new place in style or size and again is the value of it plus shipping cost worth it? How old is your furniture? Where you thinking to replace it anytime soon and this is the kick in the right direction you need?

The chance to de clutter is amazing, the ability to rationalise the value of items to yourself in both monetary and emotional sense is suddenly apparent and the fact you are forced to do it all is scary but for many, a once in a lifetime experience.

I haven't really done what you possibly expected in writing some awesome list for you to print off and just pack as told but I hope I have explained what you have to debate over and what the simple breakdown of it is.

Last thing..  pack all your certificates, passports, health records, ID's, resumes etc in your hand luggage but before you do, scan it all and send it to yourself on an email to put in a folder and if you have dropbox or the likes put it there also.

I promised a few people I would write this post and now I read it am I bored!.

SORRY!!.. Hope it helps someone!!..

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