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Easy, Last Minute, Cheap Christmas Gifts..

I wanted to make gifts for the kids teachers this year.. in previous years I have purchased from DTLL or been part of a group gift but DTLL no longer exists and in the U.S this is not end of year time so not the time we give 'bloody hell you are a total saint' gifts so I wanted it to be a token rather than some grand gesture.

I have been busting to make Sammie's Fudge for literally years as I first tasted it a couple ago and have been lucky enough scoff it a few times since SO.. it was an easy choice..

Mason Jars here are so friggin' cheap and between them, some muslin, a little wooden ornament and a mini hat from Target it was simple.. 

I made mine in the Thermomix but of course it can be adapted to a saucepan using a sugar thermometer
170 g // 6oz white chocolate melts
1 small can sweetened condensed milk, (not skim)
160 g // 5.6oz  brown sugar
120 g // 4.2oz butter
75 g // 2.6oz golden syrup
50 g // 1.8oz glucose syrup (corn syrup in the U.S)
Its so simple...
  • Add all the ingredients apart from chocolate into TM bowl and cook for 8 minutes on 100C on speed 3with Measuring Cup OFF. 
  • Scrape the sides and bottom of TM bowl with spatula.
  • Cook again for 20 minutes on Varoma temperature on speed 3 with Measuring Cup OFF.
  • Add chopped chocolate to mixture and chop for 10 seconds on speed 3-4. Check chocolate has melted. If necessary, chop again for another 10 seconds.
  • Line a 20×20 tin with baking paper. Carefully pour the mixture into the tin and leave to cool, and then refrigerate until set. Cut into small squares.
Once I had cut the perfect squares I had lots of left over sides and even some spare so I wrapped them up in baking paper, added some stickers and have been gifting them to all the people I see each day in my life that are not even aware they make my life happier.. 

You got any cheap, easy gifts I can make others?  

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