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Life Lately.. Dogs, NY, Juicing and Living..

Dogs : Man's best friend.. well he is one of mine for sure.. It has been lonely at times up and moving countries and whilst I have so many people offering coffee's and a catch up I am sorta used to my own company.

Don't get me wrong, I love knew friends.. just not too many. I value friendships so don't want an address book of acquaintances. I just like a few people I can download with, depend on and know have my back to and then my family take up the rest of my time and love!.
Dexter always makes me a home body.. he potters after you and ensures you are not alone.

Fitness : After a year where my husband did it all and I got time for none between his travels and my work... I am glad to say I am back on the band wagon and it feels so good..
The whole family are in it together. We run and cycle with the kids, I do Pilates Pro solo with this awesome instructor and then Marcus and I road bike the longer ones just the two of us..
The kids did their first 5k race and had a blast so we are now at Rugby and Basketball 4 days a week and will see where that leads.

Halloween : Our 1st American Halloween.. same, same.. oh yeah except EVERYONE dresses up!!

NY : Yep, we all went to NY. Marcus was there for work so we flew in for 3 days and went up The Empire State Building, explored Central Park, did the Zoo, watched Cirque De Soleil on Broadway, Ice Skated at The Rockefeller & Central Park and then went home knackered!!

San Francisco Landscapes : Um Wow.. This place has water, hills (ok maybe mountains), greenery, THE FOG, the sun.. basically everywhich way I look on any given day I could snap an amazing landcape shot..

The Cove : This is where we landed to live. It was in the right school zone, had interiors not from the 1970's with no update and allowed pets..
Little did I know it also would have a great community and The Clubhouse they spoke of that was still being built would end up being an awesome gym and inside pool which just works so well for me and the kids through Winter!!.

Juice Cleansing : I did a 3 day juice cleanse.. it was pretty delicious and not as hard as I thought it would be.
I didn't exercise full on (as in sweaty cardio) during the period and even after a power walk with the dogs I was really keen to get to the next hour that I could have another juice. On the Wednesday I did a Pilates Pro Class and with those I get sweaty.. not so high heart rate but ultra effort and I was famished after but I only had half a day to go so I held out.
I can't tell you how much you just miss chewing food.. the sensation of something being bitten into and providing your tastebuds with flavour!!
Would I do it again.. yes for sure.. I didn't die of starvation and my clarity was awesome. I felt way less tired mid afternoon and my skin looked better after the 3 days.
Is it value for money? 6 bottles for $50.. possibly not as not all of them are expensive juice combinations but if I bought all the ingredients it would cost the same for sure..

What you been up to? 
Have you ever done a cleanse?
Been to NY?

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  1. Love Cirque - would love to watch in the Big Apple. Sounds like San Fran is San Fab!


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