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Why I sold out.. I have totally done it.

I hoped to write this post one day and yet right now I can't believe I am writing it.. The last 4 months of my life have been some of the most negative I have had in all time owning, running and adoring DTLL.

Truly.. WTF life? Had I not had a seriously hectic year already? You thought I could take a little more just before the year closed out?

It goes a little like this.. when we made the decision that we would be open to the idea of moving to the U.S there was very little time between Marcus actually signing on the dotted line and us needing to board a plane. I had to decide what I would do with DTLL as clearly running it from the U.S when half the Aussie Day is whilst I would be asleep was not going to work..

I had quite a few offers to buy it and my conundrum was that half of them had no idea how to run it and I felt they would fail. Should I really have cared? Probably not. I could just take the money and run. Thing is I am a bit of a dick like that and my moral compass gets in the way..

I decided to pass the baton to someone I had worked with before and I knew have the tech skills to run the website. Instead of getting a payout I would retain shares in the company and he would run it and re develop it over the next year or so in return for more shares than mine..

The story looked good.. I boarded the plane and within 2 weeks I had complaints that he never got back to anyone on time. The Instagram feed was dropping likes and not getting any new followers, FB the same and Newsletter Opens and sales were actually dropping.. FARK!!

The icing on the cake was when I checked into the bank account to find chunks of cash transferred to his account under the wording 'LOAN' .. oh really? And when did we discuss that? Oh yes, that's it.. NEVER!!.

So mid trying to settle my family into life in San Francisco I informed him I was pulling my credit card from the backing of DTLL (the debt was rising and I was petrified it wouldn't stop) and that he would have to use his.. the result? He walked away.. stopped answering emails or doing any work and I was left to decide what to do in the run up to Christmas..

I chatted with hubby and asked if he would be ok with me working through until mid December? OF COURSE he said yes and so there we have it I was back to working full time.

The kicker to the story before it started to look up was he cut me off from the bank acct in Aus and continued to empty every $ that came in into his account. I couldn't change what came in as it would have required new accounts, new coding on the website.. too much time and too much expense..

I should have seen the red flags when his last business partner jumped ship on him as he couldn't deal with him anymore but I just thought that was a personality thing. I had no idea he had done the same to their business and 'borrowed' money then also..

SO what happened?

 ‘You can’t force chemistry to exist where it doesn’t in the same way you can’t deny it where it does’

When two businesses sit in the same genre the healthy rivalry breeds better business if the owners are open to it. HTF had sat in the Australian market for a few years before DTLL arrived and this arsehat threw all his toys out the pram I just knew I needed to sell. Chemistry meant conversation with Eri was one I could not ignore.

Eri owns HTF  and like myself has worked in it from day dot when she was at home on the dining room table at all hours of the night.. for her to purchase DTLL and offer their platform to our stores and customers was an easy choice.

I spoke with Eri over the phone and immediately knew it was a done deal, she knew where I had been too through the process and for DTLL to become merged with HTF? .. it was like a little sister moving in with her older sibling.. easy to do and pretty comfortable..

I don't walk away a millionaire (in actual fact we will be in the negative thanks to him and Marcus and I making the decision to pay the only other minor shareholder we have all our personal takings as we feel bad their investment didn't manifest the outcome they had hoped for) but it has been a the busiest year of my life and I am at ease with the good, bad and the ugly of it all..

As I enter a period where I will have time to reflect.
I know I will re read all the beautiful emails I got from our stores telling me all manner of things way beyond what I feel I deserve and fly.
I know I will sit back and think about how much I have learnt along the way.
I know I will have mixed emotions but the best one will be strength..

Do you believe in Karma?
I do and it is how I can just walk away with not a care in the world for that man.. no hatred, no nothing.. Karma will come and wipe the floor clean with that douchebag.
I sorta hope I hear about it just 'cos inside I am clearly a bit of a bitch but I won't be keeping in contact so that I can that is for sure!!..

So whats next? Oh thats for another blog post.. I am tired from writing this one!

How was your 2016?


  1. So sorry you had to go through all that Tess. You think you can trust people and some of them stab you in the back. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas in the US and may 2017 bring you much love and happiness xx

    1. You live and learn Beck. I am happy, healthy and have my moral compass in check so all is good with the world :) Happy New Year Lovely x

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this, I'm glad you've found a positive way forward but so annoyed that this person came in and trashed all your hard work.

    I can't wait to see what is next for you, I know whatever you choose to create will be incredible.

    1. Me too babe but its boring to hold the anger and I am SOOOOO looking forward to 2017!!

  3. Every ending is a new beginning and I really hope your 2017 is full of big adventures, big fun and big opportunities for you. You really went through the wringer in 2016 but here's to onwards and upwards!

  4. You are the better person my dear. Move forward onwards and upwards. Yes he will get his and you did your best and you will shine as you always have. Hugs

    Cheers to a brighter and happier 2017 xx

    1. Thanks Vicki.. I am 100% moving onwards and upwards. I hope 2017 is fabulous for you too Lovely x


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