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Life Lately

Anthropologie : Its like I can't seem to buy from many other places.. I TRY!! but all the best things I find to suit my style, both fashion and at home, are there and the quality and curation of their collections is just magical. As for the styling in store?!

Harrington : My little boy turned 8. I wrote the other day about how them ageing makes me feel old but seriously where do the years go? He has been having a tough run of late at a very strict school with a class of very strong personalities that are quite chatty and have older siblings that are a lot more 'wordly' than his big sister but his birthday was all about him. We went road tripping and I made the most ridiculous Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake.. decadent is the only word I can use to describe it.

Christmas : Ours was quiet and focused on relaxation, fresh air and just being together. We have had the biggest year as a family as we have possibly had since 3 became 4 so we just needed to chill. We played games, watched movies, went hiking and cooked good food. It was awesome.

Dexter : Our little guy has been lucky to have found a fab mate in Rudy and we keep swapping extended sleepovers when each family is travelling.. his family do amazing things like get invited to The White House by The Obamas.. we just go visit Dad when he goes away for work.. its our excuse to see more of the U.S!.

Clean Eating : I have always loved the idea of shopping totally organic but as we have only one worker bee in the family these days I figured I could chuck that dream aside for a while but I California Organic food is so much cheaper.. apparently people just stopped buying non organic as it wasn't labeled whether is was GMO free, so things got cheaper and the other week I switched all our pantry and fridge to organic!!

Kids : Moving countries has bonded them further. They were always similar in interests but having no support network here means as a family unit we have become closer and with the two of them playing the same sport 4 times a week together we are just together as a trio during the day.. a lot. They still fight but they are really understanding each other more and being far more kind and considerate rather than argumentative as they have been in the past.

Lemonade Lusts : I couldn't just do nothing after Down that Little Lane and I still love social media, I still adore helping small business and I still have a real drive to find stunning investment pieces or unique items at fabulous prices. I have started a blog to support that and share across Instagram, FB and Pinterest.

San Francisco Landscapes : Ok so I do find the chilly days here a bit too chilly as I am such an Aussie these days, in that I just don't do cold, but oh wow the landscape is stunning. I have climbed so many hills and walked to so many points and each and everyone rewards me with visuals I just want to frame. I am merrily snapping away so when I come back to Aus I can have a U.S.A wall to remind me of all the beauty when all I moan about was how cold it was!

What have you been up to lately? 

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