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My Word..

The Gorgeous Bron does this every year and I started back in 2012 with 'Epic' last year I didn't do one and reading back on my first blog post of the year I can see why.. I was juggling way to many balls and am sure my brain would not have slowed adequately for me to think straight..

This year I am back and my word is

I have never had the luxury of being able to focus purely on my family and lots of people don't ever get the chance. So with moving to the U.S for a few years, selling DTLL and just having a work blog that focuses on promoting others purely because I enjoy sharing my finds, I know this is the year that I can do that.

I will be honest. I am not sure the total 'Mum' role is something I adore. It doesn't give me the highs that you get from running a business and it feels less challenging as most days are the same but I will embrace it and challenge myself within the role to be the best Mum I can be for both myself and my family.

This year I will be working on my own fitness again in a big way, both mental and physical. I want to come off my medication and see measured results from my training. The kids are along for the ride already as I now have time for after school sports that I just never did before and currently doing sports 5 days a week with a family hike or mountain bike trail on a 6th.

I plan to really explore our family nutrition. We all have a sweet tooth and love our carbs so I will be looking to find healthy alternatives to feed those cravings (yes I'll share them here.. heck, we all need those short cuts regardless of lifestyle!!)

I owe it to my kids to be as present as possible whilst I can and in an old fashioned way I am looking forward to be a great wife to my husband that is supporting my freedom from full time work. 

So thats it.. FAMILY.. they mean everything to me and thats my word for 2017..

What is your word? 
Did you do one last year? 
Did you stick to it? 

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