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The Art of Ageing.. or not?

How old are you? I am 40 an really starting to feel my age..

No, its not aches and pains (although I, like most Mums have a few). Its the way I feel inside AND the visual changes.

Those moments when I am having conversations with my kids and they ask things  that I remember asking my Mum, the conversations that you know the answers are important as they show your kids what type of person you are and also what type of person you want them to be. These are no difficult, life changing questions but it is more that I have reached the age where my kids are old enough to be influenced for life by everything I say or do.. It makes me feel old.. you know.. mature type old.

I decided to go grey last year, that in itself is not making me feel old but it is making me own my age. Anyone that sees me will assume I am 40+ so its like I have chosen not to hide that fact. Being grey up top has almost spurred me to make the rest of me look even better and I am focusing on myself from the inside out.

I nearly collapsed in a Tone & Flow Yoga Class the other day..  when we all hit Warrior and the room turned into a bat cave with droopy triceps everywhere I almost lost the pose giggling.. gone are my days of 'how did you get those arms?' from lovely people offering me a compliment unless I maintain constant tension in my arms..

I should have paid attention when I was at the Chiro doing a shoulder rotation test and Harrington flicked the undercarriage of my bicep and giggled at the wobble.. Yep I truly am ageing visually but it is something that we all need to accept and enjoy.

When I decided to go grey I was inspired by Annika and I am still inspired by her but I have found another lady to admire possibly even more Yazmeenah Rossi.

Seeing her made me want to go back to modelling and just empower myself and my ageing process by owning it and showing it off. Marcus on the other hand said he thought I had enough on my plate..

Hmm defensive me thought 'don't tell me I can't handle something' AND 'but I need to be of value to the family?'.. (monetary value that is).. the fact is being at home IS of value and I just need to settle my vision on what value actually is and that it is not always tangible but that is another blog post!!..

How are you going with the ageing process? 
Going graceful or down in flames kicking and screaming? 

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  1. Love this Tessa! I'm going grey too. It's actually quite liberating that I don't need to get it coloured every few weeks to keep up with the regrowth!

    1. Isn't it absolute bliss?!.. the best thing in almost ever!!


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