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Seven Magic Mountains was just what I needed...

I had pinned this art installation well over a year ago with no idea I would ever end up living in the U.S. We had planned to visit it before going to the Grand Canyon but we took so much time faffing getting food for our trip and discovering the RV that we had to leave it and I thought I would miss out as it is only up until May 2018.

When we got the news about Dexter  I insisted we had to go, I knew the colours and size at such a random location would life their spirits and I 100% knew it would mine!

It did!!. We all voted on our favourite colours and the kids ran around and burnt off some nervous, sad energy. I just felt happy.. there are so many things you see on Pinterest that are just a dream to think about visiting and this was one of mine.

A set of fluro rocks.. who gives? Well I did and on a day in which my heart was filled with so much sorrow this was the perfect, simple yet stunning display that serviced my need for pretty pictures to take me away from reality.

If you are Las Vegas way it is well worth a visit as not far from the city and just 'fun'.. you can find the full website here 

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