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Tips on visiting The Grand Canyon

The 7 Wonders of the World has been re worked a few times and whilst I have no idea if I will ever see them all I know that whilst we live in the U.S.A we plan to visit as many of the places that would come in the top 10 if they were all American and nature related.. 

We will visit Disney World and some of the more famous man made ones but for our most recent road trip it was all about what Mother Nature has provided.

It was a real mixed bag this road trip and for so many reasons.. I'll split up the posts and add our school kid errors that we learnt along the way so that you hopefully learn a little if your planning the same and if not you can just see the pretty pictures and potter off back to your day :).

We were lucky enough to see the GC in the snow which is pretty rare but our first rookie error was arriving at campsite too late after sunset.. we couldn't see enough and got caught driving down a driveway that narrowed to much and had used wedged on a snowdrift... oops!!.

We dug ourselves out the next day and I reversed that big baby back where we had come from. The kids pelted snowballs, we discovered Deer and headed off to see what was what.

The GC is huge and you can drive to all the lookout spots or get a shuttle bus. Trekking wise there is not much chance of much in the snow but the Rim Trail runs around the top, goes for ages and is easy flat path.

For anything decent you are looking at a few hours plus so I would advise going in Spring or Autumn and packing snacks and water if taking kids. Adults solo? take a tent as there is an amazing spot Indian Garden but the return hike is a REALLY full day..

If you were not hiking then one full day there driving to each spot is enough to see it all. Stay 2 nights so you can start earlyish and see the sunset before moving on the next day.

The kids were bored of the views by the end of the day but Marcus and I certainly could have sat for hours at some of the spots.. We even witnessed a proposal at the spot where I was sitting on the ledge, they cleared us all out so they were all alone but I had to spy from up the path and it was as magical as expected.. can you imagine the pictures?!.

There is not much you can do wrong in The Grand Canyon except try and do it too fast as it is a really decent drive in and out with not much to do to break it up so cracking it in 24hrs or under will feel like a bloody long drive with not enough awesomeness in between to make the driving boredom worth it..

Have you been to The Grand Canyon? 
Any tips on amazing places in the U.S we MUST visit?

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