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Puppy Training Tips that WORK

Ok so they key is consistency and using simple repetition in your wording.

The first things you really need are ‘sit’, 'stay' and ‘come’, along side toilet training..

In the house have a little plate of treats at easy access so you know where they are.. maybe every hour grab a treat and ask them to 'come' or 'sit' and reward them when they do.

Get them to sit every time you are going out to put the lead on and reward that also. Every street corner or crossing you can practise sit and stay as can you also if you pop in a shop etc. I reward if they have stayed put and not barked.

Whenever you are out and wherever you are have treats in your pocket or bag. Every sit or come gets a reward as does a pee or poo.. I use the wording ‘lets get busy’, 'do you need to get busy?' to cue and when successful ‘well done getting busy’ lots of excited praise and a treat. This can be further developed to adding the words 'wee' and 'poo' so they know exactly what you are asking for and what it is when they have done it.

Have everyone in your family use the same words and to practice recalling in different places with just a simple “ ****, Come”.

No jumping and no biting, just simply ’Off **** ’ as they approach anyone they might jump on and if on you a hands crossed and turn and walk away

Try and get them socialised with other dogs and any out of hand rough play where they get over zealous they goes back on the lead and are removed from the park by you.. they will soon learn to play nicely. Parks are also great for practising re call ‘****, Come’ as other dogs are the hardest distraction.

An now to toilet training..

No rewards for any messes in the house even if on a wee pad once you are initiating outdoor toilet training and even a disappointed ‘oh no *Insert Name*, we don’t get busy inside.. thats not good’.

Pee pad near the front door so they know that the pee pad is at least 2nd best or on deck if they have access to outside but again, no treats even if they go on it.

I set an alarm on my phone to take my puppy out every 1.5 hours between 6.30am and 8pm.. I do it no ifs or buts and then there should be no reason for messes in the house. If I get lazy and push an extra 30 mins I will always regret it. The older they get, the longer the gap can get.

Try and keep an eye on them and grab them if they looks like they are about to pee or poo but if you do the alarm thing and are regular at taking them out to the garden or for a walk then you should be ok.

If you forget treats then squeal your butt off very excitedly and cuddle and rub their head with praise..

Lastly if they steals kids toys, your shoes.. simply ’No *****, thats not yours’ and give them one of their toy to swap ‘this is yours, good boy/girl’

Dogs are easy to train as they love to please but you need to be firm and confident..

Life Lately.. Adjusting is the key..

So its strange. I thought we had adjusted to our lifestyle change within a few months of being here but it seems I was wrong. Well wrong for me anyhow.

I am still not fully adjusted but I really do feel I am getting there. I now figure you need a whole year to REALLY get there as you need to experience the full cycle of seasons, semesters, social occasions.. everything.

Loosing Dexter has certainly hit me hard and made our transition far less stable, but as you will see in this round up, I am adjusting in all my little life areas..

: I became an Auntie by blood for the first time.
I had assumed I would feel the same way as I do about my other nieces and nephews but the overwhelming pride in my brother and his beautiful partner was quite breathtaking and I am absolutely busting to get back to Australia to see him.
Welcome to the world Atlas Harrington

: I lost my Dexter, it was and still is heartbreaking and I wrote about it in that link back there..

: California is officially in Spring and thank fuck for that as I need sunshine in my life and the Winter was WET.. I don't mind cold all that much but I HATE rain. The warmer days mean I am back running and cycling and I can't tell you how much that does for my soul.
Exercising outdoors gives me Vitamin D, time to think, an opportunity to be amongst nature and the feeling that I am doing something totally selfish for me and just me.

: The one thing I have always loved walking dogs for is the opportunity to make them excruciatingly happy and to collect random flowers along the paths we walk.

: We are keeping the kids active and not just through school sports. We have decided that lazy days on the weekend are only allowed if it is pissing with rain or AFTER we have been out and done a few hours of getting the fresh air in their lungs.
Kitty is always keen, Harrington not so much but the minute he is out there he loves it.

: Miss Maggie has joined the family. We got her at 8 weeks and she is now 14 weeks. The training is a little tiring but the cuddles are amazing and she has really helped heal our hearts over Dexter.

: We did a 6 day RV Road Trip. Las Vegas to Grand Canyon, off to Death Valley the Sequoia National Park via Red Rock Canyon State Park then home.
They were all fantastic but if I had to pick one to visit it would be The Grand Canyon, it was breathtaking and so rich in history.. environmental history that is.

Whats been up with you lately? 

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Visiting Death Valley & Red Rock Canyon State Park

Holy Moly.. driving to Death Valley you really do remove yourself from normality.. in a good way.

Well o.k a lack of good coffee is not so fab but it is a small sacrifice for starry nights in pitch blackness and the vast open space with such unique landscapes.

I hear they have a marathon there, given it was still warm during the day in Winter when Yosemite and The Grand Canyon was snowing, all I can say is WHY?!

They have sand dunes and salty cracked earth.. its stunning to see and experience but unless you have a 4WD car you can't get out the The Racetrack or some of the further points so I would advise just doing 1 day and 1 night.

After Death Valley we went on to Red Rock Canyon Park we arrived late afternoon and I posted the image of the RV on Insta.. I was inundated on Insta and FB that it was like a scene out of Breaking Bad (which I haven't watched). I was later reading park info and it said that lots of films and commercials are shot there as it is more of a pass through location.. so maybe, just maybe?!

My favourite thing about it was the climbing for the kids was awesome and totally safe AND it had those cute trees that I adore and had yet to see in person. I am busting to get to Joshua Tree but these were perfect for now.. 

We have Yosemite, Tahoe, Palm Springs and San Diego all planned in the near future but if you have any stand outs please share.. 

We have no idea how long we will be here for but I don't want to come back to Australia and have missed out on a legendary U.S spot because that would be a serious waste.. 

Any places?
Speak now or forever hold your peace.. 

Does oversharing give you the shits?

I am curious as I feel I overshare for sure.

I overshare my feelings, the ones when I am flying high and the ones when I am feeling low.. heck I even share the in between mundane stuff..

Of late I wonder if it gives my friends and family the shits, Does it even embarrass them?

I know people think twice (on the shit days) because of my honesty but I do it for the people that never talk about how they feel.  The connections that need solidarity of knowing others are out there feeling the same.

Do they worry to much because of what I write as I am more open than many about my mental health and especially the downsides of it ? I do it is because I have so many friends that need to know that others have shit days too. Ironically I am sharing my shit to make others happy...

I have a fantastic life. I am happy and healthy with an amazing family.

Yes my kids give me the shits sometimes, yes I have crappy fat days, yes my husband and I have had some tough times with financial stress. Like everyone life serves up some major curveballs but for me not shutting down my negative or woeful feelings is so important.. I live them, process why I had them and then throw them away by focusing on my positives and reminding myself that they serve no use.

It's probably egotistical to think that me sharing my feelings is helping anyone but back when I was running DTLL and was high as a kite with success yet depressed as anything from insecurities about work life balance and stress over the future I wish I had been following someone on social media I knew had been there. Little did I know I was following many but no one talked about it. It was only once I started talking that they told me they were the same and had been for years.

So I suppose I am just asking, do I keep it up or is it too much? 

Do you overshare?
Do you even share at all?