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Does oversharing give you the shits?

I am curious as I feel I overshare for sure.

I overshare my feelings, the ones when I am flying high and the ones when I am feeling low.. heck I even share the in between mundane stuff..

Of late I wonder if it gives my friends and family the shits, Does it even embarrass them?

I know people think twice (on the shit days) because of my honesty but I do it for the people that never talk about how they feel.  The connections that need solidarity of knowing others are out there feeling the same.

Do they worry to much because of what I write as I am more open than many about my mental health and especially the downsides of it ? I do it is because I have so many friends that need to know that others have shit days too. Ironically I am sharing my shit to make others happy...

I have a fantastic life. I am happy and healthy with an amazing family.

Yes my kids give me the shits sometimes, yes I have crappy fat days, yes my husband and I have had some tough times with financial stress. Like everyone life serves up some major curveballs but for me not shutting down my negative or woeful feelings is so important.. I live them, process why I had them and then throw them away by focusing on my positives and reminding myself that they serve no use.

It's probably egotistical to think that me sharing my feelings is helping anyone but back when I was running DTLL and was high as a kite with success yet depressed as anything from insecurities about work life balance and stress over the future I wish I had been following someone on social media I knew had been there. Little did I know I was following many but no one talked about it. It was only once I started talking that they told me they were the same and had been for years.

So I suppose I am just asking, do I keep it up or is it too much? 

Do you overshare?
Do you even share at all?

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