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Life Lately.. Adjusting is the key..

So its strange. I thought we had adjusted to our lifestyle change within a few months of being here but it seems I was wrong. Well wrong for me anyhow.

I am still not fully adjusted but I really do feel I am getting there. I now figure you need a whole year to REALLY get there as you need to experience the full cycle of seasons, semesters, social occasions.. everything.

Loosing Dexter has certainly hit me hard and made our transition far less stable, but as you will see in this round up, I am adjusting in all my little life areas..

: I became an Auntie by blood for the first time.
I had assumed I would feel the same way as I do about my other nieces and nephews but the overwhelming pride in my brother and his beautiful partner was quite breathtaking and I am absolutely busting to get back to Australia to see him.
Welcome to the world Atlas Harrington

: I lost my Dexter, it was and still is heartbreaking and I wrote about it in that link back there..

: California is officially in Spring and thank fuck for that as I need sunshine in my life and the Winter was WET.. I don't mind cold all that much but I HATE rain. The warmer days mean I am back running and cycling and I can't tell you how much that does for my soul.
Exercising outdoors gives me Vitamin D, time to think, an opportunity to be amongst nature and the feeling that I am doing something totally selfish for me and just me.

: The one thing I have always loved walking dogs for is the opportunity to make them excruciatingly happy and to collect random flowers along the paths we walk.

: We are keeping the kids active and not just through school sports. We have decided that lazy days on the weekend are only allowed if it is pissing with rain or AFTER we have been out and done a few hours of getting the fresh air in their lungs.
Kitty is always keen, Harrington not so much but the minute he is out there he loves it.

: Miss Maggie has joined the family. We got her at 8 weeks and she is now 14 weeks. The training is a little tiring but the cuddles are amazing and she has really helped heal our hearts over Dexter.

: We did a 6 day RV Road Trip. Las Vegas to Grand Canyon, off to Death Valley the Sequoia National Park via Red Rock Canyon State Park then home.
They were all fantastic but if I had to pick one to visit it would be The Grand Canyon, it was breathtaking and so rich in history.. environmental history that is.

Whats been up with you lately? 

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